Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Youth English Camp

Here's something I hear from a friend who's helping to promote a Youth English Camp this coming school hols. I've never heard of such camps. Further to my earlier post before this, it's actually a good opportunity for parents who can afford to send their teenage kids to this camp, founded by Dr Robert Lam, a former TV news personality and renowned professional speaker who will be the newest and most exciting endeavor to help youth speak, write and communicate better. He'll have certified instructors from Canada to join him in the camp as well.

The Youth English Camp will be held this coming November 13th to 18th in Awana Genting Resort, consisting of a 6 days / 5 nights package of exciting and enjoyable activities targetted at teens 13-16 years old. At RM3,000; the fees seems to be relatively reasonable compared to other similar camps around the region.

Camping notes for parents' knowledge :
> a whole new concept of self-discoveries through English language learning
> Using creative and dynamic communicative approaches, kids will be engaged in problem-solving exercises, active discussions, role-plays and interactive team sessions
> lots of space for cultivating the spirit of adventure and cultural awareness.
> safe, fun and education program within the outdoors, supervised by a team of experienced trainers

Check out part of the brochure appended below.

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Chief said...

3K very expensive leh. better send them to character building camps


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