Sunday, October 23, 2005

Happy Birthday to me?!

My name is Brendan, and I am TWO today! I'm so excited becos all my favourite people in my life are here over this weekend! Uncle L came all the way from Singapore to see me. Uncle L came with his girlfriend as well. We have fun playing ball. Then, Auntie C was here too! We had a giggly good time at night before I go to sleep And my very favourite kong-kong! Everyone says kong-kong always manja me. I'm just a toddler!! I deserved to be pampered!!

So... I've been laughing, squealing, giggling and jumping (and poh-poh says "whining") around the whole house that I'm losing some of my baby fats!! hahaha. Hmm.... But I ate a lot what, so that should make up for the losses. Mummy never really give me junk food and sweet stuffs but today, I get to eat my own cake, sweets, chocolates, mummy's fried chicken, mummy's homecooked mee (I eat porridge most of the time so this is a big change), mummy's dessert and junk food! I've never seen a birthday cake specifically for myself. Mummy said I had my own homemade cake when I was one year old, but I can't seem to remember that. I remember celebrating poh-poh's birthday when I was about 18 months old though.
Mummy didn't allow me to eat the curry chicken she cooked later that night.

I even had two lighted candles up close. Mummy never allow me to play with fire. Of all the presents and angpows, I like the new mini learning computer mummy bought for me. That is a new change to my regular DIY toys and hand-me-downs. Auntie C bought me a mini computer earlier on, so I can be considered an expert in this IT stuffs (daddy says "not!!"). I'm a big boy now but that doesn't mean that the attention should be given to mei-mei. Afterall, I'm a toddler and I deserve to be given the same attention! Mummy wanted to take me to some petting zoo yesterday but she was too busy accompanying poh-poh to the hospital, and then had to fetch Auntie C and Kong-Kong from the bus station. Well, it's ok, mummy. I'm already having lots of fun at home.

Mummy is getting all sniffy because time passes too fast for her. Poh-Poh is getting all sniffy too because it reminds her that she's getting old. I think everyone is getting sniffy because I'm such a cute little boy! Kakak is sniffy because she remembers her son who's going to be 6 years old next year. Kong-kong says everyone is sniffy because the cold bug is passing around everywhere. Well, I don't think so! hahaha

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to darling me......
Happy Birthday to me!!!

(patters off to continue playing)

click here : me & my red-red, ang-ang egg


michelle said...

Happy Birthday Brendan! Big Big Kor Kor now. Take care of mei mei yeah and ask mei mei to give you kisses for your birthday present!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Brendan :)

Big boy already, time passes really fast, enjoy toddlerhood while the baby fats are still there heheh

jazzmint said...

Happy Birthday Brendan!!! Must have had a great feast on his birthday hehehe

mama2jojo said...

Happy 2nd B'day, little Brendan.

Egghead said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!
what's your birthday wish??

Baby Smooches said...

Auntie Michelle, I'll take care of mei-mei when I grow up. Now, daddy & mummy & poh-poh take care mah... I give mei-mei kisses all the time also.

Auntie Sue, my baby fats slowly diminishing wor...

Auntie Jazz, I seldom get to eat all the "lap-lap-chap-chap" food. So, birthdays are great fun!!

Auntie Mama2jojo, Thank you for your well wishes..

Uncle Egg (err.... is this the same egg as my ang-ang egg?), I have lots and lots of wishes. If I wish out loud, wouldn't that "break" my wish? You naughty naughty Uncle egg.... Want to curi my wish hor..

AsleyLee said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Brendan!
Hurray, Brendan can eat more junk food now!

Sharon, you can bring Brendan to Sunway Petting Zoo, my colleague said it's quite attractive for kids.

mom2ashley said...

happy birthday brendan!!!

Lazymama said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Brendan!

Hehe, your mummy so strict, only allowed you to eat those food once a year! Be patient ya...later you can have more when you grow older.

Baby Smooches said...

Auntie Hui Sia, mummy says that during her time, her grandma house itself is like a zoo - got dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, 2 geese that chase people, monkeys, squirrel, owl, snakes and those big big fat fat black black bumble bee!!

Thank you for your greetings, Auntie Dinah!

Ya lor, Auntie Jefferene, Mummy so strict with me wan. Say my skin sensitive if I eat this and that. I think she only wants to eat all the junk food by herself. Psssst! Auntie Jefferene, when you see me you "celok" some into my pocket ok? Don't tell mummy... Sshhhh

Tracy said...

Ayo, soli Brendan. Auntie Tracy's a bit absent minded these days.


Lots of kisses from Auntie Tracy and Destinee cheh cheh.

Zara's Mama said...

Happy Birthday Brendan.
He looks so happy in the video. I like the smile!

Btw, the cake for his 2nd birthday is also home made? :O

Baby Smooches said...

wah... got kisses from Auntie Tracy and cheh cheh Destinee all at one time.... my face red like my ang-ang egg.

Zara mummy, mummy bought this cake coz she's got no oven at home. My first b'day fruit cake was made by grandma which mummy said was super yummy.


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