Friday, October 28, 2005

Once upon a golden goose

Reading Chief's blog gave me an insight into the life of the farmer and the golden goose.

A quick look at the farmer's story:
Farmer had a good golden goose which laid golden egg.
Farmer started to ignore the once beautiful golden goose and once beautiful farm.
Goose fell sick, farm deteriorated.
Farmer sold goose to another farmer.
Farmer became richer and live life like nothing happens.
(right, Chief?)

It came as a surprise to me, though not shocking that the farmer sold his most precious golden goose. "Behind every successful man is a W.O.M.A.N." and that woman is his first wife, NOT the second wife.

The goose laid so much golden eggs and sacrificed its time and life to give its trusted farmer the best that he could give. Having overwork and not being taken care of, the goose sure pushed itself to continue doing more with the hope of having a once-wonderful-life. All these in return for peanuts. After all these while, it felt betrayed and sold off to another farmer, which no doubt, promised to nurture it back to health and all, it sure isn't the same as before.

It doesn't have the will to lay any more better eggs coz its heart is broken, its mind is confused, its health is at stake and most importantly, its sacrifice was not well appreciated.

However, the new farmer may be able to give it a better life, to heal its pain, to appreciate the goose... not because he loves the goose, more of because he could be even more richer than before, just like the first farmer.
So, how? What should poor golden goose do? Poor old goose.... being treated like a scapegoat....


Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo, what's the hidden message ah?

So 'chim' la.

Baby Smooches said...

dunno how to 'unveil' the hidden message.... scared the farmer come slaughter the goose. Maybe CHIEF can help?

Lazymama said...

I am quite blur on this! Who is the farmer and who is the goose?

Or farmer equals to husband/boss and goose equals to wife/employee ?

Aiyoo, more blur now!

Sue said...

erm... is this story telling the husband dun "pau yee lai"? or telling the women to buck up and dun be a golden goose???

Baby Smooches said...

well, what would you do if you're the "goose"?


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