Friday, October 14, 2005

Falling leaves...

I'm on leave today, and am I glad to be home, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, esp. in this fasting period! The jam seems crazy at times.

Anyway, I took Brendan to the kids playground in one of the housing area near my apartment this morning. As we were approaching the playground, I saw one guy sitting all alone on one of the see-saw. He was wearing this shirt with the words "Kontraktor Alam Flora" on it and a rake on the ground just right beside him.

Wah.... damn shiok man... get paid just sitting around doing nothing, relaxing under the shady tree. Dry leaves were strewn all over the ground and it makes me wonder what (the heck) was he doing there, lazing around.

After half an hour, a phone rang. It was that man's phone. He was chatting with someone over the phone happily. He later took out a shiny golden piece of plastic from his pocket and started picking up his rake and walked away from the playground. The packaging looked so suspicious and I really do wonder whether the authorities (his boss) knows of what he's doing.


Egghead said...

wah! so nice on leave!!

jazzmint said...

wah..never sweep the leaves and walked away!! teruk

mom2ashley said...

this is what you call "curi tulang" - referring to the alam flora guy la..not you ;)

Sue said...

you'll see load of caretakers of gardens and offices bumming around more than doing their jobs... they probably think it's a dead end job, so they don't really put much effort into it... IMHO, no job is a dead end job lah


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