Friday, October 28, 2005

Prizes in parenting mags.

After reading Loc Kee's blog about his SweetSweet winning some interesting prizes, it brought back memories of how I used to get lots of freebies for Brendan.

Well, I subscribed to a local parenting mag just before the birth of Brendan at a cheap-cheap rate of only RM3.++ per issue for one year (a special rate given to me by someone I know). So, I took the opportunity to send in some photos in some of the various contest form available. The various
magazine features has so far entitled me to prizes ranging from baby toiletries from Johnson & Johnson (got that twice in 2 separate occasions), Crabtree & Evelyn and Do Re Mi products, Anmum milk, Fernleaf milk - kids and adults (got that twice - gave two tins away and haven't even finish the ones I have at home yet), Heinz baby jar food, Scotts Emulsion and Sweet Cherry products.

one thing I noticed about these magazines is that there's always a "pull" effect. When my subscription ended, I stopped buying the magazine until a friend said that Brendan's feature was in one of the mag. So, I went out to buy the mag. And since I bought the mag, I sent in some left-over photos (one of it more than a year old) to just simply "try my luck". Mana tau, the photos were published again, AND again, AND again.. It's like a never-ending cycle. Good ways to get people to buy your mags isn't it? To be fair to baby Eryn, I should also be sending in photos of her. Hmm....

Here's one of Brendan's
"priceless moments" :

Mother & Baby Magazine
June 2004 issue
say hello to... contest
photo of Brendan taken at 2 months old

and another one :

Parenthood Magazine
April 2005 issue
Wild Wild Wet! contest
photo of Brendan taken at 11 months old


Egghead said...

sigh... forgot about entering my son's photo for this kinda stuff :(

Lazymama said...

Ya, I never participate in any photo contest too, not that I didn't about these contest but I am just plain lazy! Hmmm, gotta print out some pictures and start participating, hopefully can win some prize too! :P

jazzmint said...

hehe..i still got no luck lehh..send a few times and havent got published :(

AsleyLee said...

From now onwards we're able to see Eryn in those leading magazines..!!

Loc Kee said...

hehe... thanks for advertising me wo :p

you also have luck leh. keep it on :>

wonder if there;s contest for whole year supply of milk powder or daipers leh??? hehe dreaming la!

Sue said...

same as egghead la, just didn't cross my mind to join these contests coz always so difficult to win anything...

Zara's Mama said...

that's how they keep getting you to buy the magazine again and again and again.

And those prizes all 'sponsored'.. so who got the most of out this??

But I also never enter any of these.. maybe should try and get some freebies also.

Zara's Mama said...

Hey, btw, what touching story did you post in the news paper? Maybe you should post it in your blog for all to read also.

Baby Smooches said...

Egghead, can start contributing. the one on the pool table, for a start? :-P

Jefferene, go dig and see if u have any extra old photos and submit. You may just win a prize.

Jazz, submit your photoshop works. sure win wan ;-)

with Eryn, I malas to go print and buy mags to submit. But will try to do it one fine day...

Loc Kee, ya man... been wishing for a year supply of diapers. I remember reading about one ex-model being sponsored one whole year supply of diapers!!

Sue, I find that it's easy to win in Parenthood mag.

Zara mummy, the "touching" story can be found here :

mom2ashley said...

hey i've always wanted to send enter those competitions but never got round to even PRINTING my photos...should try my luck too!

michelle said...

Whenever i read those magazine and see the lovely babies, I wanted to send my children photos. Just didn't have time to do it, sigh..:(


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