Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Little Echo.

Grandma & Daddy were sitting in the hall. Mummy was having dinner at the dining hall. Mei-mei was kicking in her bouncinette and Brendan was sitting around minding his own business.

We were all having a conversation.

Mummy : blah blah blah... we have lots of things going on lately and I'll be very busy.
Brendan : bee-shee
Grandma : blah blah blah... so, I'll follow Raymond back to Kluang in his new car.
Brendan : kah
Daddy : .blah blah blah.... we'll take turns to take leave.
Brendan : liff
Mei-Mei : *gurgle gurgle* weahh....... (crying for milk)
Brendan : weahhh weahhh... ( going towards mei mei )
Mummy : Brendan, don't disturb mei mei
Brendan : mei mei
Mummy : blah blah blah..... ok, I'm going to pump now (takes pump towards the room).
Brendan : (eyes brighten up) ha ha ha... pom pom pom.... ( follows mummy to the room ).
Mummy : don't be a busy body, Brendan.
Brendan : bor-jhee.
Mummy : ya ya ya, bor-jhee. Kepochee lah you...
Brendan : ha ha ha ( pretending that he's holding the breastpump and pumping milk )


Annie said...

Very soon you'll have another "partner" to chit-chat at home lor...

mom2ashley said...

hahaha...he is trying to blend into your conversation

michelle said...

Brendan is so cute. At least he let you talk. My son will take over the entire conversation. Fortunately he will be like very quiet when strangers are in the house.

jazzmint said...

hehe so cute...reminds me of playing the shadow-game back in school

AsleyLee said...

Brendan is so cute. Like Annie said, you're going to have another
"Kepochee" friend to chat with you.

Lazymama said...

Brendan is so cute! I am sure you have so much fun chit-chatting with a "kpc" toddler! :P

Zara's Mama said...

Brendon is sooo cute.

some more knows how to act out pump milk. :P


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