Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's in my handbag??

Kena tagged by Jess again. I have a few handbags but I normally stick to my Bonia or TODS handbag for work due to the bigger size. For shopping, I'll just take out my purse and put it in another different bag.

These are some of the items in my bag at the moment (no photos)

Handbag Bag

  • Purse
  • handphone
  • car keys
  • a small card holder (for cards that I seldom use)
  • a name card holder
  • a small little purse holding my pen (3 pens??), lipstick, some namecards (what are they doing in there?), a Carrefour receipt (haiyo, just threw it away!)
  • A Metrojaya voucher
  • Some letters
  • Thumb drive
  • Tissue paper
  • More receipts!!
  • More bits and pieces of papers!

Purse Bag

  • Credit card
  • Medical card
  • Blood type card
  • Cash and coins
  • Cards (bonuslink, MPH, Macdonalds, ATM, phone card??)
  • Stamps
  • pieces of papers and vouchers here and there

Cosmetic Bag - I don't carry a cosmetic bag except when I go travelling :

  • Foundation & face powder
  • Lipstick
  • Lipbalm
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Spectacles

You're tagged!!

  • Beatrice
  • Vichelle
  • Rachel
  • Cha Wei
  • Gene Ni

    AsleyLee said...

    No wonder you want a big bag, see...there are so MANY things inside!

    Why don't you save the phone numbers inside your handphone instead of carrying those cards?

    maria @ twinsmom said...

    wa lau eh... so many things...

    remember last time we used to play this game in school -- one classmate took away something from our pencil box, then we have to guess what is missing in our pencil box. And funny... we often can't remember what we have in our pencil box LOL...

    eh, need to ask you something, was it you made a toy house for your son last time? I remember I saw it in the Enfamama club forum, was it you, or Michelle? used masking tape to mask the door edge wan?

    Jesslyn said...

    I thot KL career women will apply cosmetic b4 go to work?

    so many paper & cards hor!

    Baby Smooches said...

    HI, Hui Sia! When I was younger, the smaller the bag the better it is, now I go for slightly larger ones. Some of the cards I carry are some that I make reference a lot (dentist, drs, herbalists, etc) :P

    Maria, it's a reminder that I should start throwing some of the stuffs and I did actually clear it up over the weekend. hahaha.
    As for the toy house, yes, it was me.... :)

    Jesslyn, I apply make-up before I go to work, and don't see the need to do so many touching up at work. I've got no more papers after the clearing up! :-)

    Zara's Mama said...

    No photos? And nothing for the kids?

    Baby Smooches said...

    zara's mama... didn't take any photos at the point of posting. Actually, I'd be too embarassed to show my 'junks'

    jazzmint said...

    alot of card holders huh..and 3 pens!!

    Baby Smooches said...

    jazzmint, each time I can't find a pen, I throw one in... As for the card holders, I try to keep them separated for easier reference... :-)

    chanelwong said...

    I don't use handbag for such a long time. Nowadays go to office with bagpack, go out with jeriel with Jeriel's bagpack and pouch (if alone with Jeriel)...Usually carry minimum things in pocket...

    Baby Smooches said...

    Chanel, I think the bags for our kids are bigger than the parents nowadays... I tend to carry more stuffs when I'm out with my kids


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