Monday, May 22, 2006

Eryn's first high fever

I had a scare when Eryn had high fever last week. Went to see the dr and he gave some fever medicine and an anti-inflammation medicine for her throat. Her restlessness made me lose sleep until her fever went down yesterday.

But then, the reddish spots came out. Called my mum last night to seek her opinion and she said that I should go to see the auntie staying on the ground floor of my block. Lan Jie was very helpful and I got some tips from her. In fact, I suspected that it was Roseola (or 'fake measles' in chinese). She confirmed it and gave me some tips.

To put myself at ease, I took Eryn to the dr again after work today and the dr too confirms that it was Roseola. Have to pay another RM45 just to see him the 2nd time, but I take it that I learnt something from the dr today, by differentiating between the normal measles and roseola.

On a separate issue, it's Eryn's chinese birthday today. We have a simple 'birthday game' where you lay some items in front of the birthday child for her to pick her so-called expertise. We don't really believe in it but did it out of fun.


geetha said...

Ooo, can get rashes when got fever? I didn't know. She must have felt so uneasy.. look painful lah the rash. Pity Eryn. Hope she is better now.

mumsgather said...

So what did she pick?

Egghead said...

my son got the same thing when he was about one year old... speedy recovery to Eryn!

AsleyLee said...

So,what did she pick?
My jo picked a book last time..

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah? What did she pick??

Wow.. the spots are quite bad huh?? Poor girl.

Baby Smooches said...

geetha, this rash actually comes out after the high fever. I think the fever itself was more uncomfortable than the rash.

mumsgather & hui sia, Eryn picked the marker pen first, followed by the pen, and then the ruler. Can't remember what do those represent. Any clues? :P

egghead, I think it's quite common for little babies turning to toddlers. Brendan had that too at one time.

zara's mama, I was so worried when her cheeks and eyelids were swollen with the rashes. Luckily it subsided quite quickly.


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