Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Passion fruit

I've always loved passion fruit, especially when it's made into a glass of iced passion juice fruit.

My neighbour planted the passion fruit tree which bore so much fruit in her backyard. She gave us some of her home-planted passion fruit and they were surprisingly very sweet.

Eryn simply loves it as well as started digging into it, enjoying every single bite of it including the seeds.


Jess said...

last time tried in D'paradise, but not so sweet ler..

Baby Smooches said...

I tried the one in D'Paradise too. Nothing beats my neighbour's fruit. No tinge of sourness..

MamaJo said...

I love Passion Fruit too......I eat a lot during my teenager time..but, not now liao :(

slavemom said...

I don't really fancy it coz somehow don't feel comfortable eating all the seeds. :D

Baby Smooches said...

apparently, passion fruit's seeds have high fibre and nutrients. It's actually quite crunchy and yummy if you don't think of it as seeds :-)


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