Monday, June 30, 2008

Outing with friends from overseas

Sometime last week, daddy took out a friend from Netherlands out for dinner at a Chinatown cafe in KL together with the kids and mummy. Uncle Robert, as the kids call him, was here for a working assignment with daddy's company.

We were later joined by the kids' favourite Uncle Dejok, an engineer from Frammersbach, Germany and Uncle Kwan, daddy's colleague.

It was the kids' first outing in a very long time and so, they enjoy the sights and sounds in Petaling Street and KLCC.

Uncle Dejok, fostered a close friendship with the kids, making them paper planes in various types and even tried performed some magic tricks. Uncle Dejok is also known as Magic Andy in Frammersbach as he sometimes performs magic shows in children's party and in schools.

It was a short but fun night for the kids who enjoyed going out instead of staying at home most of the time.


HMom said...

the kids really look like they bonded with your when you coming here for lunch

Baby Smooches said...

yup, they bonded instantly. Will call you for lunch soon, Rina.

MamaJo said...

Geee...guess you got superb 'babysitter' in your mind, huh? :P and, you can enjoy your meal without any interruption at all

Baby Smooches said...

oh you're right, Jo! Our friend, andreas actually offered to babysit them! haha


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