Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oil price increase again!!

I pumped RM30 petrol at around 5pm and before I headed back home today. My phone battery was dead and by the time I got home, I recharged my phone and received 5 missed calls from one friend.

When I called her back, she was telling me that the price of petrol will increase tomorrow! I didn't have trouble pumping petrol earlier on as there was no queue. After cooking, I fetched Brendan from daycare and took him for a drive to the nearest Shell petrol station and was I extremely surprised at the tons of cars queueing up to pump petrol!!

Brendan had the urge to pee and so I stopped at the road side for him to do his 'business' and overheard a man telling one driver that the queue has not been moving for more than half and hour as there was a deadlock at the petrol station.

Brendan actually helped saved my time by not engaging in that stupid struggle to get into the petrol station. Since I was already out, I decided to head to BHP nearby but it was the same predicament. Deadlocked. I decided to try for the third time to Petronas not too far away and somehow manage to squeeze my way through the many, many oil pumps available there.

I've never joined in the crowd when it comes to petrol price increase, but now that I'm no longer in the full-time workforce and budget is a constraint, and inflation chocking us up, I have to be kiasu today and join in the crowd. Well, there's always a first time! It won't be the last time as well. Luckily I had Brendan to talk to or else I will be cursing my lungs out.

Unfortunately, I didn't take my handphone out or else I will have started snapping pictures of all petrol stations all over the place! hahaha


Wonderful Life said...

Sorry to say order to save few bucks but in the end you've actually wasted few bucks of petrol by going rounds searching for petrol stations and also queuing up the long Q to pump the petrol.

Anonymous said...

oh oh, I think it's a normal situation everytime the oil price increase. In Indonesia, we experienced it too!

Kay said...

It's been going up here like crazy.
I don't think theres a spot in the world that isn't that affect but the oil land.

MamaJo said...

I don't know about it at all, since I'm sleeping due to low blood pressure on that day, he,, save my day of worrying or panicing in queue....;P...if I know, I won't be queuing as well, cause it will boil my blood up..

Mummy to QiQi said...

no eyes to see....i just sit at home and listen to stories of all roads/station being jam like mad.


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