Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tons and tons of homework

Lately, Brendan has been having a lot of homework and I noticed that this normally happens a few weeks before any school exam were to start. His last semester exam will be starting next week. Thus, I'm not surprised at the many homework he brought back home..

He normally tries to finish his homework in school in-between classes while waiting for the teacher, but there are times, the workload is extremely heavy! I really wonder why kind of education system is the government instilling into the kids. I mean, he's only in standard one! Hmm.. maybe I'm too laid back cos I remember not doing much homework in my primary school days.

Do I have a choice? Unfortunately, I don't really have one as private school is not within my means, and this is the only school I feel is more suitable for Brendan. Besides, he's coping quite well and doing quite well in his studies as well. In fact, he even enjoy doing his homework! sigh!

He used to have difficulty doing his homework when he first started primary school. Now, he doesn't need any guidance as he's used to it and would normally finish his homework before he reaches home. If he can't finish them in school, he will proceed to take out all his homework books the moment he reaches home and will want to finish them as fast as possible way before dinner and showering.

I have to always remind him that dinner and shower should come first before homework, but he's so engrossed in his homework until I have to start nagging at him to leave his homework and do it later. I'll tell him that it is ok to continue it the next morning if he can't finish.

What about your kids? Are they heavily laden with homework too?

Brendan does enjoy doing his homework. Wierd..


mumsgather said...

I guess you can just relax if he enjoys it, the problem really starts if he whines about it or takes forever to finishes it. That is much much more worse so better thank your lucky stars. ;)

chanelwong said...

He is sooo hardworking....and looks like not having any stress....

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...u are scaring me now!

michelle@mybabybay said...

Looks like he will be the studious kind.

Babysmooches said...

mumsgather, oh, he does complain about it once in a while esp when there's too much writing or repetitive words (and when he wants to play).
Chanel, so far so good. (cross fingers)
Chin Nee, SJKC are like that. On the other hand, I see my friend's kid in SJK is having it easier.
Michelle, he actually doesn't like "studying" but doing his homework is some what fun for him.

Alice Law said...

Holy smoke! I was considering to send my kids to Chinese school next time and now I definitely have to think twice, I don't want my kids overloaded with mountains of homework!

Wah~! Your boy is so 'geng', got engrossed with homework some more! Salute!

have a great day!

Babysmooches said...

Alice, I believe the kids eventually get into the routine. I would have to add that there's so much changes in development and thinking for Brendan though once he's used to the routine. He's more matured and strategic in his thinking compared to before he started school. Could be the system, or mixing with friends, I wouldn't really know.

Martini said...

You are lucky. My boy is totally different from Brendan. I have to call and nag him to start doing his homework.

It takes him a few hours to start it, sometimes I need to take out a stick (the daddy use to scratch the back) to threaten him. While he is doing his homework I have to supervise him all the time, once I leave him, he will also leave his work, sigh!

Babysmooches said...

Martini, though he knows how to do his homework without calling, it doesn't seem to be the same when it comes to meal time or to sleep. I too have to nag at him to eat first, to go to sleep, to take a shower, to do this, to do that. Sigh!


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