Friday, May 2, 2008


One day, when I took Brendan back from school, the teacher told me something really amusing.

The topic for that day was "Occupation". The teacher asked Brendan whether he would like to be a doctor when he grows up, so that she could go and visit Brendan and she is old and sick. Brendan immediately answered, that he doesn't want to be a doctor. "Why?" his teacher asked.

"I want to be an engineer like Uncle Kim Leong", says Brendan.

Now, daddy is also an engineer, but he'd rather be an engineer like Uncle Kim Leong (my brother) than like his daddy! How comforting that is to daddy! haha.

Brendan's teacher then asked him, "What is your mummy's occupation?"

Brendan replied, "My mummy is a boss".

Gosh, he was the talk among the teachers with that innocent reply.

Seriously, I do not know where he get that from. Hmm.....


harvynna said...

Maybe what he means is mummy is daddy's boss!!! haha
But you are your own boss - he is quite right!

mumsgather said...

Hi there Boss! Haha. I was thinking the exact same thing as harvynna ie mummy is daddy's boss!

Baby Smooches said...

haha, that's right! Daddy's boss.. Well, I am my own boss now, but I don't think he reallt understands what I do, Rina. haha

chanelwong said...

which is are boss hi hi


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