Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Std One Assessment

I just don't get it. What's with our school syllabus, specifically, chinese school syllabus. I get crazy just looking at Brendan's book. I mean, he's in standard one this year and his level of education is similar to that of mine when I was in standard three, I think. I was told that this instill the discipline in them, thus they are hardworking and committed and that's why they make superb businessman and disciplined in their adult lives.

How can he comprehend the 'sukukatas' when he doesn't even understand the BM word? How can he write sentences in Mandarin when he had just started school not too long ago.

I'm even more surprised that he enjoys his subjects, especially maths, mandarin writing and science!

As I reflect back to my school days, I remember that I was an all rounder, and I enjoyed sports and music. I represented school in netball and atheltics and I got distinction most of the time in my music classes. I took my music in diploma when I was in form 4. Having said that, I was never good in studies. I was always one of those who is always at the bottom of the class. Well, not too bad, considering the fact that I'm always in the top class of the school. So, what the heck!

Hubby is worst! He ponteng school, his results were never good. But he turned out to be one hard-working chap now and good in the job that he's doing apparently. hehe..

Now back to my kids. I've been delaying sending my kids for tuitions or music/dance classes, swimming and badminton classes, but I'm just so not up to it. They have the energy, but not me. They can do all that later if they want, so I'm not going to stress myself to send them here and there for now. *bad mummy*

Oh well. Brendan's half year exam is starting next week. His daycare centre has been reviewing his school work and they recently did an assessment based on 21 standard one 2009 half year exam papers from various schools in PJ (SJKC Han Ming, SJKC Serdang Baru, SJKC Lick Hung, SJKC Yak Chee and another school) . I'm very surprised at his achievement! He proudly told me he did it all by himself. No guidance, no reference and no copying. And he wants more! Oh dear... I'm going nuts just looking at this papers.

Here's the summary of his so-called trial exam done at the daycare centre.

English - 3 papers from different schools. Marks : 100, 96 and 100.
Maths - 4 papers from different schools. Marks : 95, 100, B+ and B
Chinese - 4 papers from different schools. Marks : 89, 98, A+ and A+
BM (Penulisan) - 2 papers from different schools. Marks : 78 and A+
BM (Pemahaman) - 3 papers from different schools. Marks : 78, 93 and 92.
Science - 4 papers from different schools. Marks : 100, A, A and A.

Great job, Brendan!


michelle@mybabybay said...

Smart boy. Bravo Brendan!

Alice Law said...

I suppose you have done a great job in nurturing your boy?! Congratulation for his trial result, excellent job Brendon!!

You are sure proud of him! Have a nice day!

Babysmooches said...

Thanks Michelle and Alice. Yes, I'm proud of him though I've actually not tutor him much until unless he requires clarification on certain homework. :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

its the gene that he got! my girl, an extremely lazy one, plus a lazy mother as well, haha...

chanelwong said...

Well done Brendan...

Anggie's Journal said...

wishing you an advance HAPPY MOTHER's DAY...

U scared me with all this exam paper, but ur boy very clever ... good job !!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the daycare centre provides them with so many past exam papers. That's good for them to practise.

And what surprise me, Brendan still asked for more. If my boy he will start to complain.

2 thumbs up to Brendan!
must let Teng Hong read your post about this.

Babysmooches said...

Chin Nee, I was a last-minuter. :P Somehow, Brendan is too, but dunno why he enjoys schoolwork, not all the time though.
Thanks, Chanel. Next year will be Jeriel's turn.
Anggie, Brendan likes tests and this will be his first primary school exams. I guess I don't pressure him and that's why he likes it. (wait till PMR, see whether I hantam or not. hehe).
Martini, I was shocked at the past year's papers but at least I know he can still do it despite all my doubts

Elaine Chua said...

may I know where is the daycare center?

Babysmooches said...

Hi Elaine Chua, the daycare centre he used to go to is in Puchong :-)


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