Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Made in China

There's so many complaints about China goods and tainted food products that makes people shy away from them.

One of my friend, Veron, experienced this with one Made In China soft toy that her kids were playing with. One day, she noticed her two primary school going daughters were having some sort of sore on their heads. She wasn't sure what was the cause of it. She cleaned her daughters room, washed the bedsheets, sun their mattresses and toys and all but the sore just wouldn't go away.

Out of the blue, she kept the soft toy away and started noticing that the sores were no longer there. It didn't occur then that the sores were due to the sensitivity of the chemical reaction from the soft toy's fur.

The soft toy was out again and this time, it slept with her youngest child, a 2 years old boy. Her son developed bad sores and reaction on his nose and some part of his face. Again, my friend did some checking and found that the cute cuddly soft toy was the cause of it.

Imagine, the many children out there who would have developed these symptoms and their parents might not even know that the itchiness and sores come from the harmless looking cuddly soft toys that they children are holding.

It's so scary to think that there could be unknown cases which can't be detected.

My kids' toys are so far so good. Some of them are Made In China too. I guess we'll just have to be careful and keep our eyes open for any reaction to our children's skin and health.


MamaJo said...

Wow, then, I really need to be careful liao...cause suddenly Jona got lot of itchness at his back and face, and I tho it must be due to shampoo/soap that the daycare use...

jazzmint said...

wah..dangerous eh...sigh, nowadays we don't even know the content of the materials used


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