Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smelly Ant

The kids have always been fascinated with the little ants in our house.

Brendan has his scientific term for the different kind of ants - Red Ants bite people. Black ants are nice ants cos they don't bite. Flying ants can fly but you don't hit it because it may be a bee. Smelly ants you don't touch because afterwards your hand chao-chao.

I personally hate those 'smelly ants' cos they really smell when I try to take the cloth to wipe them away. If Brendan is nearby, he'll go "Aaahhhh!!! Smelly ant! Chao-Chao!!"

hahaha..... I'd better go get ant bait before we all faint with the terrific smell!

1 comment:

slavemom said...

Brendan's really knowlegeable... n funny too! My kids aren't afraid of those lil insects. They'll trap them, squash them with things/tissue paper. So violent hor?


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