Friday, December 28, 2007

Sis' wedding

My one and only little sister finally got married... and she's no longer a baby to us anymore. Though it seems like yesterday that she was just a little girl, she has now grown up to be an adult and someone else's wife...

The wedding dinner in our hometown was on the first weekend in November. She was simply stunning in her gown and it brought back memories of the days when we were still young.. We share bedtime stories, clothes and were the best of friends until we both moved on to study and work in two different places - me in KL and my sis in Penang.

Her actual church wedding took place one week after that, in Sitiawan where her husband's hometown is. It was a simple and lovely wedding - a love so pure, so powerful and most importantly, filled with so much joy and happiness and I feel so touched by their relationship.

The food was unusual and simply delicious. There were ready plastic bags for us to tapao. Each table cost less than RM300 but the serving was like for 2 tables. We estimated that should the food be served in KL, the table would not cost anything less than RM600.

Brendan and Eryn could only admire their auntie and kept asking why Auntie Mei Chin looks so pretty. Eryn could only say.. Auntie Mei Chin is a princess...

My mum took the effort to cut out the hem from her nicely kept lacy wedding gown and converted it into a nice beautiful long sleeved gown for Eryn who just wouldn't want to remove the dress after wearing it. She also cut out the hems from another lacy blouse and converted it into a nice pretty dress for Eryn.

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