Thursday, June 1, 2006

Eryn turns one!

Eryn turns one today!

For the past few weeks, I've been keeping this in mind - that my gal will be one soon... This morning, she woke me up with smiles and gurgles and with stories to tell. I actually forgot about this special day until I received a phone call from my mum a few minutes later, wishing Eryn Happy Birthday! Gosh..... my memory is failing me.

2 nights ago, she discovered how to climb up the sofa and get down again. I didn't actually noticed it. Eryn was playing beside me while I was reading the newspaper. Suddenly, my maid asked "Eehh?! Macam mana Eryn naik atas sofa?" I was so engrossed in my papers that I didn't even noticed that she has climbed onto the sofa! I looked at her and she was smiling, happy that she's learnt another new found "skill"! She then slowly and carefully got down from the sofa and smiled again. Then, it all began. She climbed up, she came down, she climbed up, she came down, etc... And she's been doing it for the past 2 days.....

We won't be going anything much today as we are having a small celebration this coming Sunday.

Mummy wish you, Eryn, a HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! *kisses* & *hugs*


Egghead said...

is really an awesome and fun year for Eryn!

Happy Birthday for the first time!!

khongfamily said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Eryn!

Baby Smooches said...

"thank you, Uncle Egg and the Khong family..." from Eryn.. :-)

Tracy said...

*sing* Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday to Little Eryn, Happy Birthday to u!

Lots of kisses and hugs from Auntie Tracy and Destinee jieh jieh.

Wah, toddler oredi lor.

mumsgather said...

Happy 1st Birthday Eryn! Time flies doesn't it? Your little girl is growing up so fast.

michelle said...

Wow this is fast, it is like yesterday that you delivered. Happy Birthday Eryn!! And also Happy 1 year Anniversary on breastfeeding...kekeke.

mom2ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERYN!!!!!!! awww..time flies!!!! may there be more bitrhdays to come ya! :)

jazzmint said...

happy birthday eryn!!! Whoa, u and ashley is just 1 day apart

Zara's Mama said...

Happy Birthday Eryn!!

So fast huh?? 1 year already.

Btw, her last pix in the potty, is that how she uses the potty? Cute.

Jesslyn said...

Happy Birthday Eryn!
Also congratulations to u, Sharon..for BF for a year by now! wow! salute, salute!

Baby Smooches said...

from Eryn :

"Thank u Auntie Tracy & jie jie Destinee"

"mumsgather, ya lor, mummy also ask why I grow up so fast.."

"Auntie Michelle, mummy's nen-nen is the best"

"Auntie mom2ashley, Happy birthday to AShley too!"

"Auntie Jazzmint, ya, AShley & I pakat-pakat to deliver on the same day but tak jadi"

"zara's mama, that was me when I was younger. mummy got me smaller pot so my butt will not get stuck anymore"

"auntie Jesslyn, mummy cannot tahan bf so long but she did it!"

Jefferene said...

Happy Birthday, little Eryn!

Chief said...

Happy Birthday, little Eryn!
why this mummy put up all her 'botak' photos ??!!

Baby Smooches said...

"Thanks, Auntie Jefferene!"

"Uncle Chief, my hair very little wor... mummy cut my head botak when I was one month old, otherwise my hair would have been longer. sob! sob!"


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