Wednesday, November 2, 2005

A surprise SMS

*beep beep*

"Hi, Mei! How hav u been? Long time no share ya? ......... Just to update u, I'll tying the knot 19th Nov. Yup, finally! My fiance's ..........."

I got that message while I was driving to work last Thursday. I knew instantly that it was my Kor from college, and I knew that he's got some pretty good news coz I've not heard from him for months (and according to him, it's actually two years).

I really don't know know how we became Kor and Mei but that had been the way we call each other. My Kor has been someone whom I respect. He gave me the guidance and the confidence in many things in life. We shared lots of laughters during our college days. We used to have jamming sesssions together, and he's one very good singer and a guitarist. I'll be at the piano and together with the other band members, we'll have a good time jamming together.

Somehow, we lost touch when Kor went to UK to further his studies. It came upon by chance that I saw an email which I thought could be his. So, I sent him an email and the reply came to say that he was indeed my long-lost Kor!! He's now at the other end of East Malaysia.

Sometimes, God send us guardian angels without us knowing it. My Kor was my guardian angel in college and he's been a blessing to me in many ways.

Well, Cheers to you, Kor!


michelle said...

I am still waiting for that SMS mesage from my real kor.

Egghead said...

those SMS message will cost you at least 50 big ones nowadays ler... can avoid I rather avoid ler... LOL!


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