Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Milk supply

For the past 2 weeks, I noticed the sudden ample space in the top part of my freezer. My milk bottles are also getting less. I started to add another pumping session whenever I can.

It's been quite hard to pump in the office with so many unpredictable meetings and work to do. I used to pump in the server room, but have now "migrated" to my own room so I can multi-task at the same time - pumping and doing my work. I brought a long piece of cloth from home to cover the glass partition in my room to avoid having a "free show". So, whenever the cloth and a cardboard box are up against my glass partition with my room door closed, everyone knows that a session is in progress. hehehe.

I've been quite concerned over our dept. shifting to a new location come next month. I wonder if there will be a PLACE for me to pump, and whether there's going to be a fridge for me to STORE my milk.

Now, my concern has shifted to whether I have the TIME to pump and whether I can keep up with the pumping now that the milk supply in my freezer is slowly diminishing. Eryn is drinking more now and I'm NOT prepared to start on formula just yet. The only way to keep up is to pump more, but where am I going to find time to pump?!! Pumping 3X a day is considered part of my daily routine. Adding one more is considered to be quite a burden to my already heavy routine.

sob! sob! no choice but to boost up that supply soon. Those who have gone through this should understand the predicament I'm in. sob! sob!


Egghead said...

you're lucky lor... my wife is pumping in the office toilet leh :P

Jesslyn said...

salute salute..!! can keep up breastfeeding so long!! Me very tired on pumping milk!

mom2ashley said...

good that you are still BFing....i stopped after 3 months...;)

Sue said...

hehe... me too stopped after 2 1/2 months. i was pumping during lunch time in the toilet, so unhygienic but that's the only place i can do it. and 3x times is very good la, i kenot afford to keep running off to the toilet for 30 mins or so... afterwards kena from boss

Lazymama said...

Really tough job huh! Why don't these companies be more considerate for breastfeeding mum! Our culture is still not breastfeeding friendly enough.

My office also no place to pump, the only place is toilet!

Zara's Mama said...

wow, luckily you have your own room! Or else have to stay in stinky toilets.

Our office has nursing room for milk expression, so it's quite 'mother' friendly.
Btw, to boost suppy, pump after your baby's last feed loh. That was what I did to boost supply. So it's 4times in total, but I know.. it's tough.
My freezer stock is also diminishing...

Baby Smooches said...

Egghead, In my first pregnancy, I pumped in the toilet too, and was using the Medela electrical pump. Imagine the echo...

Jesslyn, it can be tiring but I'm not willing to give up just yet.

Dinah, BFing is better than NOT BFing at all.

Sue, only once during lunch? where got enough to sustain?

Jefferene, I agree that the working environment in Malaysia always do not take into consideration a mother's sacrifice (including maternity leaves!)

Zara's mama, wah... got nursing room some more. my baby got no last feed wan lah. seems to wants milk (or maybe the nipple) a lot within the first 2 hours when she falls asleep!

Anonymous said...

server room ?

err to drown the sound of ur motor-pump ?

Baby Smooches said...

haha, Max. I bought the 'silent' one now. Avent handheld pump. That medela motor I used was really noisy.

Anonymous said...

manual still better eh... :)


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