Thursday, November 17, 2005

Banana man

I find this to be very funny and thought I should include it here.

I know of some friends who are what we call the "xiang-jiao-ren", directly translated as"banana man", literally means a chinese fella who can't speak chinese.

This story was brought up in our
steamboat gathering yesterday.

During our school days, we used to have Mandarin classes scheduled for the Chinese while the Malays attend their Islamic classes and the Indians attend their tamil classes.

In one particular class, our skinny Mandarin language teacher (who likes calling people "da-fan-su", or "big potato") called on some of the students to name an animal in Mandarin. One of my classmate, who is, well... was, a definite "xiang-jiao-ren" was called, and it went something like this :

T : (in mandarin) E, please name me an animal.
E : (in mandarin) "Ju-Ba-Jie"

*everyone started laughing*

T : (in mandarin) You think that is funny is it?
E : What's wrong? "Ju-Ba-Jie" is a pig wat..
(innocent looking and totally blur over what the big hoo-haa was all about)
T : (in mandarin) I want you to go to the field and run two rounds.

E went to the field and ran 800 metres in total. Well, E said that he should have answer "Sun-Wu-Kong".

poor thing......


jazzmint said...

kekeke...funny funny...lucky never say che chu ching kakaka

maria aka twinsmom said...

LOL...poor thing indeed.
But how can this teacher call the student da fan shu? he is the da-fan-shu.

Baby Smooches said...

Jazz, it was very funny thinking back on the old times.

Maria, the teacher is very thin and small built. should be called siao-fan-su. hehe

Zara's Mama said...

So you didn't put your hands up and say SUN WU KONG? :p

Baby Smooches said...

zara's mama, I seriously don't wanna run the field!! haha, luckily I know how to 'jiang hua yu".

mom2ashley said...

ahaha..i'm also a "banana man" but i know what that meant...heheheh

Adrian & Alvan said... friend must be a TV addicted, very funny..

Baby Smooches said...

mom2ashley, banana "WOman" you mean ;-)

racmy, yalor too much Journey to the west!!

Baby Smooches said...

From :

...Link TWO must be about FRIEND: "Banana Man"...

In our once-in-a-blue moon meet, my friends never fail to interest me with their actions and stories, and wierdo words....


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