Wednesday, November 23, 2005

daddy & baby home alone

DH (hubby) is home alone with baby Eryn. He says that Eryn is an active baby and demands attention most of the time. She does her "business" a couple of times in a day and have a high frequency in her feeding schedule. So, now he knows how it feels to be stuck at home with a baby, and that's without Eryn's naughty kor-kor who's always disturbing his little mei-mei!

Somehow, I'm amazed that DH was able to cope - preparing breakfast for himself, feeding Eryn, carrying her, playing with her, cleaning her poo, putting her to sleep, had lunch, did some washing of the clothes, scrubbed the soiled napkin, feeding again, playing again, cleaning again, prepared food for dinner, etc. Hmm..... not too bad. Don't think I'll do all that. I'd probably chuck everything aside and wait for DH to come back before I do all the cleaning and washing. I also have to schedule my pumping sessions in between, wake up approximately 4 times at night to feed Eryn, sterilise the pumps and bottles and do a few other stuffs too. So, his work is still considered pretty ok.

I had earlier applied for a week's leave to spend some personal time in my hometown together with the kids as I have 25 days leave left for the year, of which only 10 days can be carried forward. We drove back on Sunday but came back again the following day as I have be back to work, thus cancelling 4 days leaves. This means DH has to be on leave to stay home with Eryn in the daytime for these couple of days. It's going to be a busy week for me and this means DH will be the temporary house-husband!
( I think he tak boleh tahan. After I came back from work yesterday, he cooked a simple dinner meal and went out to do some machine troubleshooting for a couple of hours. I think he's just trying to "run" away from responsiblity. haha )

My parents have been very accomodating, wanting to care for the two kids in my hometown but Eryn is still exclusive on breastmilk and she direct-breastfeed at night, waking up 3-5 times for her feed. So, it would be a hassle to my parents.

Meanwhile, Brendan is having lots of fun in my parent's big, double storey house - running and climbing all over the house. There's ample of space there compared to my teeny weeny little apartment here in KL. So much so that he doesn't want to nap or go to bed early. Brendan "called" me twice yesterday, once in the afternoon and once at night, to give me a peck through the phone before continuing to tear the house down.

Eryn with one of her favourite plaything, the Lamaze Puppytune toy - without her kor-kor to take her things away from her and "bullying" her.


Egghead said...

I am sure your DH can take it one... just don't make it a habit :P

Jesslyn said...

I wonder whether my DH can handle kids or not when he home alone with her? must try it out one day..keke

Anonymous said...


King's wife said...

father n daughter bonding....good for them. cute baby!

Lazymama said...

They are the father, sure they have to know how to handle the baby. :)

Wow, 21 days leave left! I have 11 days left but can carry forward.

mom2ashley said...

what a good SAHD your hubby is...! he even washed some of the soiled clothes? that's good!

Chief said...

when i have to babysit i only enjoy getting the baby to sleep part as i can tidur sama.

Baby Smooches said...

egghead, not habitual definitely, otherwise, everyone pengsan!

Jesslyn, hubbies must always have a 'share' in taking of the kids.

Max, that's a good one - 'daddy-day-care'. can ask hubby to open this first of its kind centre!! haha

King's wife, I do believe that father n daughter bonding creates a happier and enlightened relationship within the family.

Jefferene, knowing is one thing. doing is another thing. hehe

mom2ashley, if he doesn't wash, the stain will get worse and I'll make his scrub it even more!!

Chief, I think most ppl like the tidur part when they're all dead beat!

Zara's Mama said...

Your hubby is very capable. Mine can't even bring Zara out for a car ride alone. He's worried she may cry and he can't handle. *slap hand on head*.

Way to go your hubby!! Some more can wash and cook!

Sue said...

yup, your hubby's really capable... altho my hubby complained about having a maid at first, i dun think he really mind now coz i dun think he can handle ivan alone for a whole day!.. short outing can lar...

maria aka twinsmom said...

hahaha...never under-estimate our hubby lar, though can't do 100% what we do (included direct breastfeeding hahaha...), but at least they willing to help, in Taiwan they call "Xing nan ren" (new men).

Anonymous said...

actually the kids know when and when not to behave.

they know with mum they can throw tantrums around but with daddy, they can be surprisingly well behaved...

Anonymous said...

once my wife went outstation for a few days and left me with my 3rd less than 1yo. He have been known to throw his tantrum around when mum took care of him.

When i took over, he was very well behaved. When wifey came back she asked, got problem or not. I said no. Even the neighbour commented,"wah, ur lou-kung take care, no noise coming from ur house lehh"

After tat she insist i take care of him :(

Baby Smooches said...

Zara's mama, till now, I still do wonder if things are going ok at home.

Sue, hubbies only know the value of maids, and MILs and wives when they get the opportunity to stay home alone with babies!

Max, wah... you very "keng" leh.... got tips for my hubby ar?

Anonymous said...


one gotta be the good guy, the other the bad guy


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