Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Aura Cleansing

I happened to chat with a friend on the directions in life when we came to the topic of aura cleansing.

I was then introduced to this person who does aura cleansing as well as healing sessions. I was told that aura cleansing is done to "fine-tune" the energy level in a particular person, getting ride of unwanted negative energy. We contribute to our own happiness and we are to think positive at all times. However, certain circumstances causes the accumulation of negative energy in one's life.

I was told that this aura-cleanser (or whatever you call it) has done healings and cleansing for many people, including cancer patients, sick patients, infertility problems to things like bankrupcy in life and things like that.

Well, I tend to think a lot, and now, I do wonder if I should go for aura cleansing. How it works and why it works, is a mystery to me. Maybe I should just check it out.


Anonymous said...

Aura Cleansing ?

I've so called tried once, a holistic session. Seems they activate ur chakra points. Actually i dun feel anything. They place their fingers on ur chakra point and ask u to focus on a particular color. Dunno of this aura is similiar.

Baby Smooches said...

Hi, Max. Where did you have your session? Does it "heals" as well?

Anonymous said...

i had it in B'fields. I think the place tutup liao.

I was curious so tried. Personally i think i wasted my money. How can it possibly do anything when all she does is place her fingers on all ur chakra points and ask u to focus on a color.

Baby Smooches said...

focus on color? color also got meaning leh....

Anonymous said...

dunno lar. she just touch my chakra point and ask me to focus/think of one color. diff chakra points diff color
- Max

momm said...

aura cleansing is fake.

i tried once too, and found out from a friend (who studies crystal healing) that it's not true.

the equipment only senses the tension that you have at that point in time. does not help much.

she learnt to see auras in people too. in fact, i was told that a first level aura is white that all of us have. but my eyes ain't sharp enough to see it in anyone.



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