Thursday, November 17, 2005

Steamboat gathering

One of my ex-classmates, Louise, is back here in Malaysia for a 2 weeks break from Vienna. She had been working in Germany for a while before moving on to work in Vienna for two years. After this break she's heading to work in Sweden!! She's such an independent person and has dones lots of travelling all by herself.

We took this opportunity to have a steamboat session with some of our primary school classmates last night. Most of us have been friends since Std. 1. There are a few others who are working overseas and outstation while some just simply M.I.A. We normally meet each other once or twice a year. It's always a good time chatting and laughing over the good ol' days whenever we are together.

I've been to Yuen Steamboat in Bandar Sunway twice and suggested that would be a good place to eat and chat at our own sweet time. They have a good variety of seafood, various fish/meat/vegie balls and vegies plus ice-cream and dessert. My goodness! Their super famous teriyaki honey barbequed chicken was always snatched up whenever the waiter brings them out.

Anyway, William (always the top boy in class) was the earliest. We've lost touch with him eversince his family shifted to Kajang when he was in std. 5. So, it was good to have him join us since everyone hasn't seen him for 20 years, except me. It was a surprise when he happened to be flipping through his classmate's (whom I got to know in a teen's camp) address book and came across my name. That was like (ten) years back. We met once and then lost touch again until he IM me sometime last year.

Jac, pregnant with her 2nd child, came with her hubby (happened to be one of our ex-classmate's brother). Ern, newly married, came later with his wife and Wee Chun came after his golf game when some of us were about to leave. Kit came AFTER some of us have left.

The same, old story normally crops up each time we meet, like who is staying where and doing what, and like how Ern broke his third finger (never fails to be one of the topic) while trying to be a hero by penetrating layers of papers held up by Meng (who's now a Dr. in Melbourne. Came back recently to Malaysia but didn't bother to call some of us huh...), and how they would 'pakat' with each other not to tell Ern's parents until Ern decided to let his dad know without telling Wai Meng, who then got scolded by Ern's dad. Then, there's the biology/chemistry "test" where these boys would place a frog under an empty soda can and blast the can off with a firecracker. And speaking of chemistry, our Dr. Wai Meng would do his own mixture of dunno-what-liquid in the sink in the lab and smoke would come out while the class is in progress. Then........ well, I think these childhood days should be another topic by itself.

It's nice seeing all my good old Std. 1 mates again and do hope we can have annual meet-ups. Cheers to everyone... (hope to see more of the missing rest in our next gathering)


Anonymous said...

Yeap, it has been such a long time for me...(20 years...) Great to meet up again. Really surprised everyone still recognise me after so long. I can recognise all except maybe Wee Chun..(sorry bro.. getting old). All of them looks just like when they are at primary back in Kluang. Great to know that all have grown up to be such important people ..none join 'tai koh' or 'tai kah che' .. hehe. Hope to meet up with the rest of my ex-primary school mates.


Louise said...

William aka Wei Lam, Not sure who are the important people you meant. But to me, everyone are still the same people I know since childhood, and just so hard to take anyone to be (ehem)the big shot...I miss somehow that feeling of familiarity that one does not easily have with new friends made in the later years in life.
Mei lin, great job with the gathering! Next time, I will try to notify everyone earlier - especially WeeChun's secretary! heheehe..
I would put our photo up in my blog soon!
Louise aka Cha wei

Baby Smooches said...

Hey, William. The world is small enough to go round and round. Never imagine you can just come across my name by just flipping your friend's address book isn't it? :-)
haiya, I've got no scanner to scan those primary school pics for u lah...

Cha Wei, My pleasure to help gather everyone together. Someone got to start right? Otherwise, it'll be another 20 years before we see each other! haha

Zara's Mama said...

aw, so nice, a get together with old friends.

Baby Smooches said...

yea, always nice to meet up with good ol' friends and talk of the funny past!

Chanel said...

William was also a top student in Polytechnic....what a small world yah...Got to know William when I was studying in Polytechnic in Ipoh...Chanel

Baby Smooches said...

Chanel, William is the top student from Std 1 till he left school! Now, he's the boss of his own co.!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what is this thing about old school results... everything has past and nothing to talk about..;) I just dun want everybody to know that I am a bookworm or a nerd.. (Which I am NOT!!)..hehe.

One thing I've learnt during the brief moment as a working person, good results only can take you so far, the best is your personality, character and experience.

Just my two cents worth of thoughts.

William aka Wei Lam

Baby Smooches said...

Hey, Wei Lam, no need to be so humble lah....


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