Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Genuine or a cheat?

Last night, when I was walking towards my car, there was this Indian lady of about 50 who came rushing towards me. She was holding a plastic bag and one of her hand was in the plastic bag. I was like getting really terperanjat and was ready to put up a kungfu hustle fight when she pulled out what looked like a piece of colourful beaded cloth.

"Excuse miss, I have this piece of cushion cover here which would look nice on your car seat. Would you be interested to buy it?"

"No, (with a hard-to-flash smile) thank you". I said.

"Miss, I need some money" (she started talking very very fast) "I dropped my purse in the taxi just now and need some money to go home"

"Sorry, I'm not interested, Auntie", I replied. I mean, if you dropped your purse, how did you ever pay the taxi driver then??

"Miss, how about you give me RM5 then? I really need some money". She speaks good English!

"Auntie, why don't you go to the shop over there and ask the shopowner?"

"Shopowner? Ok lah"..... and she headed off to another direction.

I kinda pitied her. What if she's really stranded there. Wanted to offer her a lift also I takut. She could be a cheat for all I know. So, how?


King's wife said...

it's really hard these days. too many crooks around. u want to be a good samaritan also u takut..

Tracy said...

Sharon, like what u queried, how did she pay the taxi fare? I'm sure she was just giving an excuse only and she dared to ask for RM5.

If I were u, I think I could have done the same thing. I could have quickly directed her to someone else and off I cabut, who knows, just in case. Or told her dat she should go to the nearest Police Station to report (but don't ask me to take her there - hee, hee, kiasi mar).

It's advisable not to dig into ur purse to hand her money (just in case too).

Lazymama said...

I think this is a crooks! It happened to me before but in different version.

A nicely dressed Indian lady come after me to ask for money as she said her husband was admitted to hospital and she needs the taxi fare to hospital. My purse was left in the car with my hubby so I directed her to get it from my hubby while I was rushing to the McD's toilet (paiseh). However my hubby didn't give her money as he know her trick coz this Indian lady has been telling the same story and cheated money from his boss the day before.

Some people just like to take advantage of our emphathy!

Milly said...

yalor...!! when u be good, it seem like cheated.. when we dun1 give..seem like we r cold blooded..aigh...cham..

Sue said...

ermm... if it's me also dunno how, pity her but also most probably will not give.. but it could be she was paying for taxi fare and left her ourse on the seat after that kua

Baby Smooches said...

I've heard of cases of people "jampi-ing" you when you talk to them. in this era, it just doesn't make sense to be good, isn't it?

Egghead said...

definitely cheat!!
trust me... I've seen them all over my work place... had my fair share of kena cheated to be smart liao :P

Chief said...

Hmmm....sound like a new way of selling car seat covers.

Zara's Mama said...

sometimes I don't know to pity them or to run away from them.

We really can't tell who's the cheat and who genuinely needed our help.

Loc Kee said...

normaly i wont give... i dont feel like helping in this way. if wanna help, a lot of places for charity... hehe me oso cool hearted :p

jazzmint said...

wah..like that also can...I'm me, sure went into the car and drove off liao, and left her behind showing her 3rd finger to me kekeke..

i oso kena before, the lady even showed me her bank account book, but i told her sorry lah, I only have RM2 lerr..I give you how to go home, that time in college, really left oni RM2 LOL..then i jalan towards bus stop, she curse me pulak..apalah

mom2ashley said...

dunno la..these days it's really hard to differentiate between a crook with someone who is really genuinely in trouble..

Baby Smooches said...

Egghead, share your experience lah.

Not worth it to be a good samaritan nowadays...


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