Wednesday, November 16, 2005

badminton session

I haven't been exercising for a very looooooooong time and last Sunday, I was invited by a friend to play badminton.

She said, "You should exercise. You should keep yourself healthy. I know you always say you have no time, but if you got no energy, how are you going to take care of your kids?".

Well, that got me going. I waited for my son to take his nap, and got hubby to jaga the kids while I go for a short badminton session at the badminton court near my area.

Oh Boy, my muscles were really kaku and I can't even run properly. And because I've not exercise for a long time, my left shoe's rubber sole came out a little. After the game, I felt good. Went back home, mandi, ate the koawteoy and popiah that me & hubby prepared earlier on and I felt refreshed that I took the kids to a nearby park later on.

Later that night, slightly more than one hour before my usual bedtime, I was at the sofa, eyes half closed and feeling very drowsy. Zzzz.... I fell asleep. Dead tired, man...

Got up late the next morning, and still felt so tired. The next thing I know, I felt muscle spasms in my calf and thigh and as I tried to climb a few steps, *ouch* the pain in my muscles were stretching to the max. Told a colleague about it and he started laughing.

"That's why lah... didn't warm up! Lazy to exercise! Serve you right!"

It's been three days now and my muscles are still aching.... Dang.... I should probably start swimming soon to keep that muscles going.


Egghead said...

you should do some warm up action before playing badminton... especially when you didn't do it after such a long time :)

Baby Smooches said...

same goes to delivery too.... haha

Jesslyn said...

me too seldom do exercise liao, believe will be like u too!

Lazymama said...

I have been stopped exercising for long time too. But during the raya holiday, I went for swimming and thought I will have muscle spasm the next day but luckily no.

King's wife said...

if long time no exercise, sure pain wan. Especially climbing up and down the stairs..damn painful.

i play badminton once a week as well. try to keep it up lah. in no time, all your muscles will be "loose" again.

Zara's Mama said...

at least you started!
I still haven't managed to drag my big back side out of the house to jog or to run or to whatever.

Baby Smooches said...

I used to be a sports person in school and didn't experience such pain until I stopped exercising. Fuh!


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