Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Milk scandal?

I was just reading a piece of news on babies in China being given formula milk since they were born!!

Oh my, don’t these mothers know that a mother’s milk is the BEST that one can give to their child?! And the ‘first milk’ called the colustrum is probably the super-nutrition food for newborns.

No offence to anyone, but I believe all mothers have the capability to breastfeed their newborns, given the right advise in latching and of course, feeding by demand before a routine and milk supply is established.

I don’t believe in a mother having no milk, no time and worst of all, having the belief that formula milk is better.

It’s au natural, with DHA, vitamins and minerals not found in processed milk. I know of a relative from my in-law side who even insisted on giving goat’s milk to her infant after getting jaundice, with the belief that goat’s milk is more superior than mother’s milk!!

Oh well, I’m a strong supporter of breastmilk. So, I just want to bring this out. Breastmilk is the BEST food for babies. In fact, I believe that it doesn’t cause a baby to fall sick so often and even if the baby did, he/she will not be so badly affected and will recover very fast. I noticed that with my daughter.

In a baby warehouse sale a few months back, I was shopping for some baby products for my pregnant sis and saw a demonstration by a lady selling a breastpump. I stood there watching and was literally pissed off with some of the instructions given by the saleslady. I wanted to tell them to just throw those pumps away.

My mum asked me to ignore them and I just regretted that I did, fuming inside that getting a lousy product that doesn’t do a good job will actually cause less milk to be produced overtime. I’ve tried a few pumps and I will give two thumbs up to the manually operated Avent breastpump - efficient and quiet. I heard Spectra is good as well.

Easier said than done? Well, let me share with you
my breastfeeding journey. Those who know me, will know that I'm not busty at all. So, "how come I got milk ar?"

I berastfed Brendan until he was 6 months, but by 4 months, I had to supplement with formula milk. Brendan was staying with my parents in Johor. I pumped every single day, freeze the milk, and every Friday night I will take a bus from KL to Johor, carrying a cooler box FULL of frozen breastmilk. Thus is my determination in wanting to give Brendan the best. Yes, I did that every weekend.

No one imagine the tears in my eyes and the trouble I went through.

So, when no. 2 came, I was more determined than ever to give Eryn 100% breastmilk for at least 6 months. And yes, I did. In fact, Eryn was on 100% breastmilk until she was 1 year old. I gave her solid at 6-7 months to supplement her diet. No formula milk at all. She was still on breastmilk, partially, before she goes to sleep until she turned almost 2 years old.

There was once, when I was using an extremely noisy battery operated pump in the ladies toilet and when I came out of the toilet cubicle, there was this group of ladies going, “coming out already!! Coming out already!!” I turned to look at them and all of us started laughing cos they were feeling scared and thought there was some weird person doing some weird things in the ladies toilet!! Duh!!

Then, there's another time, when I had a letdown at a press conference!! I had to carry a file throughout the press conference and avoid shaking hands with clients so my wet blouse won’t show.

Pumping became easier when I did it in the comfort of my own office room, with the doors closed and I put up a long piece of cloth to cover the windows. Even the guys in my office always knew that it’s ‘milking time’.

I was in the media line, and we have meetings and appointments and proposals to do. Time was a constraint, but I always try to maintain my pumping time and pump 3 times in the office. My colleagues all know about it. I am actually thankful for their understanding.

So, reading about the sick babies in China due to all these stupid milk scandal really got me stirred up. And to even think that newborn babies were not even given breastmilk at all right from the beginning!!

Those poor babies shouldn't even ben affected so much. What a shame..


chanelwong said...

Sharon...I support you n thanks sooo much for you to support me....

janet said...

hey sharoon, i'm a breastmilk advocate as well. breastfed my first child for 16 months then i got pregnant with my second and i decided to stop. my second child is 20 months old now and i still breastfeed her... probably until she turns two. you are right, breastmilk is the best!

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha..sharon, cannot blame the market as not everyone can afford good pumps mah....furthermore they need a pump to express when they start work...

Babysmooches said...

Chanel, you are doing great. I really admire your persistency and all.

hi, Janet.. 20 months and still breastfeeding is such a great commitment. Kudos to you too!

Chin Nee, I beg to differ. if people can pay extra for branded clothings and baby goods, what is extra RM100 for a better pump which can sustain your breastfeeding routine, thus saving the mother MORE money to buy formula milk.. One tin can be as high as RM50+ for a good brand of milk. So, what is extra Rm100? :-D

Martini said...

I was blessed to get to know about Avent manual breastpump at the time I planned to buy, and agree with you, it works wonderful...

Fantastic4 said...

yay! breastfeeding is the best. I breastfed till DS was 1 yo, and I got to give up. He bites!

I wish I could have mustered enough determination to pump consistently.

Oh.. those poor babies who are put at risk due to unscrupulous biz! It's down right outrageous!

Elaine said...

Hats off to you. All working mums who breastfeed are really supermoms.

slavemom said...

I'm glad I made the right decision to buy a manual Avent pump (when CE was 1+ mo). At first, I borrowed SIL's Medela electric pump n it wasn't vy effective (for me). Salute u for ur determination.

laundryamah said...

yeah man Supermom!! Respect respect..*doing the bowing action*

Babysmooches said...

You're right Martini & slavemom. Avent manual is easy to use. I used Medela and other supermarket brands as well. Nothing beats Avent. hmm... free promo for them. hehehe

Fantastic, agree with you on the unscrupulous act..

Elaine and laundryamah, I believe all mamas are supermoms, esp. SAHMs who deserves the most respect! Respect :-)

Julie said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my Cyberhome.

I totally agree with you and I salute your persistence in delivering the breastmilk every weekend. And is so much easier when you are traveling or shopping. Don't have to bring along milk powder, bottle and flask. Just lift up your nursing blouse and baby is satisfied. :)

mitkey said...

ya, i will continue to breastfeed for as long as possible since i have to buy a new avent pump after my bag was robbed by snatch thieves. must get back return on investment, otherwise very costly lah..

am introduce to you blog by jac. i am a novice in blogging. have created a link to your blog from www.asiaworkingparent.com. hope you will stop by there too. Cheers

Health Freak Mommy said...

I am also a strong supporter of breastfeeding and direct breastfeeding. So convenient - no need to wash bottles, pumps, no need sterilizing, no need big bags when you go out, can b/f on the go anywhere, anytime, save $$, etc.

Babysmooches said...

Oh yea... breastmilk the way to go! two thumbs up for breastfed babies!! ^-^


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