Monday, September 15, 2008

craving for kueh chap

The first time I tried kueh chap was in Penang, and that also because my dear brother-in-law purposely ordered a bowl for us to try. Before that, we had just had a very satisfying and fulfilling seafood dinner by the beach when we decide to explore more food.

It was simply yummy.

So, during the Merdeka weekend, I had the chance to eat it for the second time in JB. This particular shop in JB (can't remember the name of the shop cos I don't remember seeing any signboard in front of the shop) has very yummy kueh chap which I've not tried before. I have to say that this is actually better than the one I tried in Penang.

It's like the kueh teow version of bak-kut-teh but the taste is slightly different. We order side dishes to go with it. My kids actually enjoyed it too.

Since then, I've been wondering whether there's any kueh chap stalls in PJ area cos I've been craving for it for the past one week! No, I'm not pregnant. It's one of my occasional crave for yummy food. Any recommendation?


Martini said...

I never tried the kueh chap, will try it one day :)

jazzmint said...

i like kueh chap oso...but exclude the blood :P

Martini said...

hi Sharon, I have an award for you on my blog... :)

MamaJo said...

Huh? What is that? I don't think I have try it before lor

Babysmooches said...

eeww... Jazz, i don't take the spare parts and blood as well... only meat and vegs.
Thks Martini for the rewards :-D

mybabybay said...

I am coming soon, you want me to pack it for you...kekekek.


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