Saturday, September 6, 2008

A lovely dinner

I'm not really a 'blogaholic' and therefore, haven't been posting a lot of things I've wanted to post. I wish I'm one though, but I've been focusing on other things which require my attention. Here's a delayed post.

Just have to post about a lovely dinner at hubby’s aunt’s place some time last month, with lots of food prepared for the guests. It was a fusion of food and guests. Fusion of food, cos there’s Japanese food and local food and fusion of guests because hubby's aunt had guests from various countries. I thought it was the usual family dinner and I wasn’t well dressed for the occasion and had only turned up in a singlet and short pants. The children were quite well dressed and hubby wore his jeans.

Dinner at Kor Poh Ai and Granduncle Nishida’s (as how the kids address them) place was always superb. It was always a local meal cooked by our aunt’s maid, Yatmi, or by a relative who hails from Kelantan. Our favourites are the Nasi Dagang and the authentic Nasi Kerabu, cooked in plants and vegetables that come all the way from Kelantan.

Anyway, dinner last night was simply superb. Hubby and I started with the sashimis and sushis, before we proceed with steaming white rice with sambal petai and one of my favourite dish from Yatmi called sayur lodeh, cooked with chicken, daun salam, nangka puteh (white young nangka), tempe, long beans and some other stuffs. This is served with the lovely sambal belacan. This was accompanied by the tasty miso soup with bits of tofus and fresh seaweed.

The kids enjoyed their rice with fried chicken cooked by Yatmi.

After the sashimi meal and rice meal, I can only take a small portion of the Kelantan laksa. Cooked in a gravy of coconut milk and other ingredients, it is normally added with a handful of other fresh and raw vegetables, all finely chopped, such as long beans, bunga kantan (lotus flower), cucumber, taugeh (beansprout), and daun kesum.

For dessert, we had smooth and Japanese ice-cream and the best durian cheesecake I’ve ever eaten, made by hubby’s aunt’s friend. A nice cup of freshly brewed jasmine tea gave a good ending to the awesome meal.


MamaJo said...

Wow, I really respect you ler...your dishes is really BIG in portion...if me, I sure will 'pengsan' and waste food lor...that's why I don't like buffet....ha,ha

Babysmooches said...

hehehe... I love food anytime and I can eat bigger portion when I was younger.. At that time, my metabolism is high. Now, getting lazy to exercise.. gosh, I better watch my food intake..


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