Saturday, September 6, 2008


Mooncake festival is around the corner... Eryn's nanny makes a wonderful cook and baker. She made mooncakes and gave us so many to try. Her mooncakes are biscuits are really yummy, with just the right texture and not too sweet.

We also ordered 3 boxes of mooncakes with some animal-shaped mooncakes.

Brendan's and Eryn's favourite are the animal-shaped mooncakes. I like her yam filling, with a nice and fluffy pastry on the outside.

Nothing beats home-made mooncakes..


slavemom said...

My kids love mooncakes n the animal biscuits too. The animal-shaped mooncakes Eryn's nanny made r really cute!

Rina said...

Where is mine?

jazzmint said...

wow i like the shanghai mooncake keke


you are very lucky to have a cooking babysitter .. at least you are sure that your little one will be well fed with all homemade yummilicious food!

MamaJo said...

It really look nice and cute ler...if Jona saw the fish and chick, he will 'keep' it and won't eat it....ha,, I really phobia see mooncake as hubby bought 6 boxes of mooncake from Tai Thong throughout the month...imagine.....aiyoohhh

Jess said...

mooncake nowadays not cheap at all, it better to DIY if possible.

looks yummy your mooncake!

Martini said...

the mooncakes looks cute and yummy!
I love mooncakes but they're too sweet for me :(


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