Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bye Hong Kong!

We had the opportunity to go for a steamboat dinner in Tsim Tsa Tsui the night before we flew back to Malaysia. Hubby's friend, a Hong Kong resident, has been to Malaysia numerous times and will always meet up with hubby. When hubby told him that we would be going to Hong Kong, he had been in touch with hubby prior to our trip to make arrangement to meet up.

So, he set up a steamboat dinner gathering for us together with his wife and brother. Chanel and family joined us as well.

We scheduled to meet at 7pm that night in Tsim Tsa Tsui MTR station and then walked over to the restaurant. We ate until the restaurant was about to close at around 10.30pm.

Hubby's place has made booking at this steamboat restaurant called Son Tung Kee Restaurant in Tsim Tsa Tsui even before we went to Hong Kong. I love their appetiser which is fried fish skin. It was very crispy like keropok. They started serving the condiments which we were to add in heaps to a bowl. There were finely chopped chilli, celery, parsley, garlic and sauce. Hubby's friend has booked us a private room which we had just to ourselves.
There were lots of thinly sliced beef which we dipped into the hot soup. The raw dishes kept coming and coming. There were dumplings, fish paste tauhu, scallops, huge oysters, fish and some sort of sea stuffs which expands to a rather big size after cooked in the soup. The sweet corn came in last and they were extremely sweet that we ate quite a lot of it even though we were already full. The soup has century eggs in it. Something quite different.

There were orders for a big plate of a rather big fish, all sliced up for the steamboat and a plate of scallops.

This is what I ate. A scallop. Some sea creature which hubby said is some sort of "spare parts" (internal organs) from some seashell of some sort. It was kinda chewy, and not too bad actually. But the thought of eating something unknown kind of makes me stop eating another piece. There was another parts from another kind of sea creature which was a little harder to chew with rougher texture. Eryn didn't like hers, so I ate two pieces. Again, it didn't taste bad, just that I have no inkling to what that was. 

See the huge scallop? It's bigger than my soup spoon. We ate more sliced beef and fish paste tauhu than anything else. Oh, and lots of vegetables too. The dumpling doesn't look like the ones we have over here, so that was a little different for me too.

I love the beef, sweet corn and the sugarcane juice the most. Brendan enjoyed dipping the beef in the soup more than eating the food while Eryn loved her sweet corn and chocolate pudding dessert.

We wanted to go dutch but hubby's friend has already made early payment and treated us to this sumptuous meal. Some of us have to wear out jackets to eat as it was really freezing cold in the room. Why did they turn on the air-con in full blast? Brrrr......

This is actually our breakfast at Citygate on the day we were to leave for the airport.

We went to Citygate to do some last minute shopping as the factory outlets there were having some sale. Hubby got a real good bargain for two pairs of Puma shoes at HKD549. I wished I have more time to shop for clothes.

Hubby is now eyeing to visit Hong Kong again for their major sale, just two of us, for a short shopping trip. Now, that question is "IF" we ever go there again. Hubby's friend had already sent a message to hubs a day after we were back in Malaysia to ask us when we can meet up in Hong Kong again.

Kids waiting at the departure hall in Hong Kong International airport.

Brendan and Eryn enjoying the MAS kids' meal on the plane. Brendan was so engrossed in his games while Eryn was laughing away watching Spy Kids and some cartoons.
It's nice to be back to Malaysia. Now, back to life. Doing the mountain pile of laundry was crazy. I had to go for 6 rounds of it. The holiday was fun. The after-effect is not.

It was a great time we had. It was real fun to travel with another family too. Chanel, it was a pleasure to have a holiday with you.


chanelwong said...

It is my pleasure tooo...
finish reading all your post....

chinnee said...

it wasn't an easy trip for us, but now that we are back, seems like there is a lot of good memory in this trip, esp after looking back at those pictures where everyone smiles. Although we went at different time, we still manage to share the same excitement hor...hehehe

Sharon said...

Chanel, waiting for your posts and photos upload on FB.

Chin Nee,
it's fun to know that so many ppl actually went (and going to go) to HK. The sharing of photos and experience is like as though we all went together. LOL!


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