Friday, December 2, 2011

Hong Kong : Mongkok, Avenue of Stars

We went to Mongkok early in the morning but most of the street markets are only opened in the afternoon onwards. So, we detoured to Stanley Market on our 4th day and came back to Mongkok street market the following day.

Anyway, this post will be focusing on the Avenue of Stars at Tsim Tsa Tsui area and on Mongkok, spreaded over two days in scattered visits. More photos ahead.

The Avenue of Stars is located at the Tsim Tsa Tsui waterfront at Victoria Harbour. It looks very much like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but here it gives acknowledgement to the Hong Kong movie industry.
The famed bronze statue of Bruce Lee. We walked from the statuette in search of Bruce Lee's statue and along the way we see lots of plaques embedded on the floor with the famous celebrities' hand prints and names on them.

Cuttlefish snack before dinner. It's very tasty!

Met up with Jazz and her kids to go for dinner in Tsim Tsa Tsui. We decided on Avenue of Stars as the meeting point. Here, the kids posed with their kungfu panda poses at the Avenue Of Stars. They clicked on very well upon meeting.
We walked back to the food court in Sogo to have dinner. Since there were no place to sit and we didn't want to wait too long for an empty table, we decided to 'tapao' food to bring back to the deck at the Avenue of Stars to eat while waiting for the Symphony of Lights show to start. And while the hungry kids are waiting, they sat down on the floor in the food court and have their story-telling and i-pod sessions.
The Symphony of Lights was kinda of boring and the kids were feeling rather restless. Faythe and Brendan starting chatting all the way right after dinner until the end of the show, not into the laser lights show at all. The breeze here is rather strong. I felt kind of cold while everyone seems to be enjoying the cold air.

View across the river at the Avenue of Stars. The night scene is just so nice. Some of the buildings actually have beautiful, Christmassy light decos on them. I think that's somewhere in Central across the river.
The night scene taken from another angle.
After Symphony of Lights, we headed to Mongkok by MTR to have dessert! We went for the yummilicious steamed milk in Yee Shun Milk Company. In the MTR, we quickly take the opportunity to take a group photos with the mummies and kids. What a funny sight, scrambling to get those active kids together on the MTR for this shot.

Mmmm........ I love the steamed milk with ginger juice. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Brendan opt for the plain steamed milk which is equally yummy. Taste just like fresh cow milk. Eryn went for their steamed egg which is also very nice. I really love this place. If you're a milk lover like me and kids, do make time to go for this. Thank you, Jazz, for the dessert treat.
There is a wide range of dessert and food at the Yee Shun Milk Company. The ones we had were highly recommended by Jazz.

Outside view of Yee Shun Milk Company taken in the morning. We were there quite early and came across this place while we were walking around in Mongkok for breakfast. I've done some research and read about this place and was dying to try the steamed milk there. However, luck wasn't on our side as the place was only opened at 11am. No regrets though, cos we actually went back there for supper. Yum! Yum!

Backtrack a bit. For breakfast, we wanted to have breakfast in Kam Wah cafe but it was kind of packed. I've read that this place is famous for their polo bun. Since we didn't want to wait too long, we decided to take-away some buns and egg tarts to eat.

There are lots of things to see in Mongkok. There's a street for electrical items, a street for all the toilet stuffs, a street for food, a street for sports equipments, women clothings, toys, snacks, etc. Basically, it's like a one stop shopping area. We didn't really buy anything much but do hope to be back again during the big sale to really shop properly some day.

There's something about Hong Kong and beef noodles. The beef noodles here are just simply delicious. The texture of the beef, the wantan noodles and the soup are somehow perfect. Hubby loves the beef noodles a lot that we ate this 3 times during our whole stay in Hong Kong. I love the beef tendon and the kids will go for the beef balls.

The bill for one of our lunch for the three bowls of beef noodles.

A typical scene around Mongkok area. The streets are filled with lots of signboards, lots of people and tons and tons of things to see. Be careful with your belonging and kids as the crowd at Mongkok can be quite congested.

There seems to be a long queue for this "kai dan zhai" aka little egg waffle. We decided to join in the queue to see what's so special about this. We didn't try to "kai zhai dan" but opt for the waffle pancake which is really delicious. The kids wanted more. This little stall is located somewhere in Mongkok opposite Gala Place.

I saw lots of people standing beside a van and decided to "kepo" and take a look at what is happening. People are surrounding this pretty lady to take photos with her and to get her autograph. I took a photo and asked hubby's Hong Kong friends (who we were to meet for dinner on our last night during this trip) who was this lady. It's funny to hear that none of hubby's 3 friends know her. Anyone knows who she is?

This shot is taken the following night at the clock tower near the Kowloon Public Pier at Tsim Tsa Tsui.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Looks like Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi.

Sharon said...

Michelle, no lah, not Cecilia Cheung.


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