Saturday, December 3, 2011

HK : Stanley Market and The Peak

Stanley Market and Victoria Peak are both located in Hong Kong Island. We initially scheduled to go to these two places together on the same day, but due to Mongkok street markets not opened early in the morning, we push our Stanley Market visit earlier. It was good also in a way, as we would not have to rush for our trip to Victoria Peak.

Stanley Market is a nice place for a stroll and for shopping of little souveniors. There seems to be a lot of expatriates chilling out at the restaurants and at the market here.

There are ample spaces for kids to run about. We see little mat salleh kids playing football and skateboarding around the area. The area is full with buzz. There is actually nothing much to do but it is a good place to just chill out, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the nice sea view. There are lots of knick knacks in the stalls located in Stanley Market for those who are keen to buy stuffs back as gifts.

Since we didn't do much shopping around, we spent quite some time at the waterfront while waiting for Chanel and family. We love the fresh air here.

A view from the waterfront where we were hanging out.

Apparently, this place is considered slightly middle to upper class and there are lots of villas and high-end condos as you travel along the long and windy road from Central bus terminus to Stanley Market. The seaview is simply breathtaking.

One of the bus route we took from our double decker bus. Tall buildings are everywhere around us.

The lower portion of our double decker bus. The buses here are very clean, so unlike in Malaysia. In fact, the public toilets are also very clean. You don't see wet floors and rubbish in the toilet or on the MTR and buses. Punctuality is a norm and bus schedules are always on the dot.

MTR stations are always packed with people. From Skycity Marriott, we took the hotel shuttle to Tung Chung MTR, and thereafter to Hong Kong Station MTR. From there, we walked over to the connecting link to Central MTR and to the Central Exchange bus terminus. Everything is so systematic and you don't have to worry about being a stranger in this unfamiliar territory. MTR and bus bus signages, signboards on bus stops gives you clear directions.

You don't have to worry about getting lost in Hong Kong. However, I have to say that the people from the mainland can be quite a rude lot. Young or old, they talk very loudly and pay no heed to manners by lining up in queues in MTR, buses and especially in queueing up for rides in Disneyland and Ocean Park. They'll push you and cut you just to be in front regardless of who you are. That is one part I just don't seem to understand. We even came across a family stealing strollers in Disneyland Park and chuck them aside when they don't need it.
Chanel had to experiece this herself as we go hunting for her stroller. We later found it in another place.
We maintain our Victoria Peak itinerary for the last full day we were in Hong Kong. We were supposed to take a bus but found out that we can actually walk via Chater Garden to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus from Central MTR station exit towards Admiralty via Hong Kong Park.

We walked through Chater Garden, stopping by to use the toilet and enjoy the garden view. There were some sort of some foreign Filipino domestic workers gathering there. As it was a Sunday, we believe they were out on their off day,strolling and hanging out in the park and catching up with friends. You see some group playing cards, some games, or simply just chatting away or hooked up on the internet.

Eryn wanted a photo with the beautiful flowers in Chater Garden and so, she smiled for the camera.

Down at the Peak Tram Lower Terminus, the queue was rather long. I think it took us around 20-30 minutes. The sun was quite glaring on this day and so, the kids went to hide under the shade just beside the water fountain.

The water feature is beautiful. It can at least entertain us for a while while waiting to purchase tickets. If you're visiting Madame Tussaud, it would be good if you get the package deal for Sky Pass, The Sky Terrace and Madame Tussaud.  Otherwise, buying the entry tickets separately when you're up at The Peak, will be a little bit more expensive.
After getting our Peak tram sky passes, it takes another 20 minutes or so, queueing up to board the tram. We have to wait for the third round due to the huge crowd. The Peak tram is one of the world's oldest funicular railways.

It's a rather steep climb up The Peak in the tram. If you're going up hill, be sure to choose to sit on the right hand side as you may get to see some nice views along the way.

A big heart-shaped deco at The Sky Terrace, the highest 360 degrees vewing terrace in Hong Kong. We're about 1,300 feet above sea level!

There are actually two heart-shaped deco! A pink and a purple one. So sweet!!

The kids love the windy place here. The panaromic view of Hong Kong is simply marvellous.

Going back down the building filled with lots of shops and cafes.

The love panaromic view brings some sort of a wonderful feeling.

From another angle, we can actually see a harbour somewhere near Kowloon area.

The Peak Tower is the iconic landmark in Hong Kong. Apparentely, it is the most stylish architectural icon with a dazzling array of restaurants, shopss and the viewing terrace.

The garden outside The Peak Galleria is a fun place for dogs. We saw a big group of pet owners and their dogs on their special outing.

Do take note that eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed in the tram or in any public transports in Hong Kong or you'll get a hefty fine.

We get to see alot of double decker rail trams around this area. We didn't get a chance to hop on one though.
You'll need approximately half a day at The Peak and half a day in Stanley Market if you plan to visit these two places.


michelle@mybabybay said...

We went to the peak last time at night but we could not stand the cold breeze.

Sharon said...

It must really be cold since it's 1,300 feet above sea level.

chinnee said...

we went on the tram but hub who was carrying one boy and mum almost fell while climbing the staircase when the tram moves. Not really suitable for lil kids to climb up :(

slavemom said...

U guys managed to cover quite a lot of plcs even tho u hv young children in tow. So much fun!


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