Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hong Kong vacation 23rd-28th Nov. 2011

We recently took the kids to Hong Kong for our first ever family overseas trip. We have kept this a secret from the kids until the night before we were to fly.

When I took the kids to make their passport two weeks earlier, they asked what is a passport and after explaining it to them, they asked why do they need the passport.

We went together with Chanel and her family. It started when Chanel called sometime in July (I think) to ask whether I'm keen to go for family trip to Hong Kong together. It was quite a rush decision at that point of time and after discussing with hubby, we decided to go for it. We were lucky that we got extremely good rates to stay in Hong Kong Skycity Marriott Hotel at a fraction of the actual cost.

A quick check with hubby's Enrich points showed that he has some points expiring in December this year and is good for a one way trip for two adults. However, buying the tickets for the kids separately is quite costly. We took Air Asia there and came back with MAS. The rates we got for Air Asia were considered quite expensive too. Oh well, you can't have it all.

Thus, began the journey of lots of planning and researching on our itinerary for a 6 days 5 nights trip, or rather, a full 4 days trip as the first and last days were our arrival and departure days.

Kids eating french fries while waiting for our hotel shuttle at the Hong Kong International Airport. Noticed the mask below Eryn's mouth? Upon arrival, Eryn was diagnosed as having fever at 39.5c. We were called to fill in some forms and and interview to check on the symptoms for bird blu. Gosh, that was really a bad start for us cos we've just arrived Hong Kong. The airport health authorities told us that if Eryn's fever is not down below 37c, we'll have to see a doctor and give him the airport health check-up slip.

Our 6 days 5 nights stay in the 5-star Hong Kong Skycity Marriott Hotel. The room is quite big with two double bed and a sofa too. What a pleasant stay we have there. Which was also the reason why we forgo staying a night in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort which would have cost us at least 4-5 times I believe.

Brendan and Eryn looking out from our hotel window the next morning (day 2). We have arrived Hong Kong at night around 8:20pm and by the time we reached the hotel after the health interview, buying kids' paracetamol and a quick dinner, it was almost 11pm. Eryn didn't have a good sleep, kept tossing and turning due to her fever. As Chanel as arrived earlier than us, she had dinner with Jazz, who was kind to pass over her daughter's, Faythe's unopen bottle of fever medicine from Malaysia. I kept getting up because of Eryn and only manage a total of four hours sleep.

The cards on the left are Octopus cards for two adults and two children. If you are visiting Hong Kong for a few days and plan to travel around a lot, the Octopus card is extremely convenient to use. The card on the right is our Hong Kong Skycity Marriott room card.
Will continue to blog and post more photos on our Hong Kong trip later on.


michelle@mybabybay said...

I am not sure why kids always get sick during travel. I am making sure my kids are taking multivit & mineral every day now. :P

I can't wait to hear more. :)

Sharon said...

We only tell the kids of the trip the night before. Mana tau, fever upon arrival and terus laosai that night itself until our 2nd last day in HK.


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