Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland (24-11-2011)

The following day after our arrival, we went to Hong Kong Disneyland. Although it was a Thursday, it was quite crowded.

We got our cute Disneyland entry passes. It was such a nice and sunny day.

Disneyland, here we come! Ya, feel shy only, to say that this is my first Disneyland trip too.

Right in the middle of Main Street lies a tall Christmas tree. Everything in here is so fun and colourful.
The front and back view of the Disneyland Rail Station near the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland. We took the train ride to Fantasyland as our first itinerary of the day.
Goofy, Minnie and Mickey Mouse joined us for a ride on Dumbo The Flying Elephant too!

See the boarding pass? That will be given while you are queueing up for the Dumbo The Flying Elephant Ride which will be collected once you're in the Dumbo ride.
In a rush to go for a show, we saw Tinkerbell!! Unfortunately, we didn't have time to stop by and take a photo with her. In fact, we didn't have the chance to snap a photo together with any of the Disney characters due to the long queue which I think can take at least 20 minutes.

The newly opened Toy Storyland. We didn't manage to go for any of the rides here. Brendan wanted to go on the Slinky Dog but we had to negotiate with him for other rides as we had to rush for The Golden Mickey Show. Most shows require you to be present 30 minutes before showtime.
We queued up for about half hour for this Soldier Parachute Jump before decided to call it quits. We didn't want to miss our Golden Mickey Show and therefore, we didn't manage to experience this new ride in Disneyland. I think the queue is easily 45 minutes long.

The Golden Mickey Show!! This was the show that made us missed the rides in Toy Storyland. It's one of the main shows and it's truly a remarkable performance they have there. Not to be missed.
Beauty and the Beast dance performance. Sooooo romantic.
The casts from The Golden Mickey Show - you definitely won't miss the main characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Stitch, the characters from Toy Storyland, Belle and many more.

Colourful balloons that lights up at night!
Flights of the Fantasy Parade is a must to see. It is only shown once a day in the afternoon and therefore, it would be good to grab a good place prior to the parade to get a clear, good view of the whole parade. Dumbo The Elephant was the first car parade to show up .

Winnie the Pooh and friends. Tigger and Eeyore are so cute!!

It's amazing to see people strapped to harnesses springing up and down. They're the tiny little "bees" jumping on the trampoline.

The Lion King and jungle characters
Lilo and Stitch
Tinkerbell and cute little ferries on little lady bug cars 
Disney princesses.

One of the "fairy" pulled out some kids from the crowd to have a dance in the parade.

Toy Storyland toy characters. They look just like the ones in the cartoons, except that these ones are bigger than humans instead of the other way round.

One of the happening area : Tomorrowland. A warning for those who are afraid of fast roller coaster. Avoid Space Mountain. It will drive you crazy. Brendan and his friend, Jeriel, went for two rounds. Chanel and I went in without thinking and came out 'mabuk' for a while. hehehehe...We screamed our heads off. Well, literally.

Wooooo.... I love the castle at sunset. It's so beautiful!!

We visited the toilet a lot in Disneyland. Apparently, the fever Eryn developed was due to her stomach pain and diarrhoea. She practically visited the ladies every hour and kept complaining of stomach ache. What an adventure. Sigh!

The fastpass machine. This prints out the fastpass tickets for faster entry into three of the rides in the park i.e. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Space Mountain and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. This saves you lots of time as you can always come back at the stipulated time with minimal queueing time.

Day and night scene for "It's A Small World". So pretty right?

Different illuminations at night at the castle. I'm in dreamland.......

One of the photo taken in "It's A Small World". Most of the other photos taken are not so clear.

Such a wonderful sight!

We spent some time lingering at Main Street at closing time. It was "snowing" and we had fun in the snow and looking at the almost empty street while waiting for friends to finish shopping.

Cheerful mood after Hong Kong Disneyland. All feeling extremely tired, especially Eryn who went to the toilet more than a dozen times!! We actually spent  approximately 12 hours in Disneyland (^--^)

Taking the MTR train from Disneyland to Sunny Bay for transit to Tung Chung. From Tung Chung, we had to take a commuter bus. It was too late to take the hotel shuttle from Disneyland, and Tung Chung too. I love those Mickey windows and the Mickey handrails on the train. So, it's worth spending more time back in Disneyland and miss the hotel shuttle. At least this would be an interesting experience for the kids.
Here are some snippets of some videos taken in Hong Kong Disneyland  :

Fireworks in Hong Kong Disneyland

    The Golden Mickey Show
    Festival of the Lion King Show
    The Toy Soldier Parachute Jump at the newly opened Toy Storyland. The queue for this ride is tremendously long.


martha said...

hey Sharon, just saw your blog link. Wow. so much fun! Always thought HK disneyland wasn't good..but looking at pics, I think definitely worth a visit or 2 eh. :)

Sharon said...

Martha, it's worth visiting with kids. The place might not be as big as the other Disneyland, but it's a fun place.

Jess said...

the parade look much nicer nowadays compare my previous trip in

that time we queue for every characters ler...siao mommy crazy over them...haha...

slavemom said...

Poor Eryn, she must hv felt vy uncomfortable the whole day.
Oh, how I miss HK Disneyland. Our fav ride was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

Sharon said...

Jess, we were targetting some characters, but we couldn't stand in queue for long as there were many other things to do :-(
slavemom, yea, we love Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters too.


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