Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brendan turns 4

Brendan turns 4 yesterday and he treated his friends to some snacks at his preschool. My boy has grown and I know he'll grow up very fast.

There wasn't a birthday party for him this year, nor were there many presents for him. He seems quite contented with it and didn't ask for more, esp. for a little question to his aunt, "Where's my present, Auntie Mei Chin?"

I've been thinking of him alot lately, esp. when he has this disturbing cough that has been going on for 3 months. He's been to the doctor twice and the next 2-3 weeks, if he doesn't improve, the doctor indicated that it could be due to some sinus problem.

I slept late thinking about this and now, I'm still up - thinking about him. I've also been noticing that his lips turn a little blue when he exerts himself. The doctor says that his lungs are ok and that we should keep a look out on the discoloration when he tires himself out. I spent time reading about such symptoms on the internet and the more I think about it, the more I can't sleep!

Brendan is 4 and he's no longer a baby. I pray for good health and lots of happiness, peace and love in your life, my dear son. Blessed birthday to you, Brendan...


jazzmint said...

happy 4th birthday!!

HMom said...

Happy birthday Brendan. Hey, he looks so different in the last photo. We must catch up so I can pass him a lil gift from his 2 girlfriends

Martini said...

Happy belated birthday to Brendan.

chanelwong said...

Happy 4th Birthday to Brendan !!!!

Wen said...

happy birthday ! sharon, ask the paed if it cld be mild asthma.. the paed shd have some medicine to control mild asthma instead of leading to it. i am not saying that ur boy has mild asthma but if it is really bad, he will give this med to control it. how abt going to specialist to check his lungs? my fren's girl also cough for quite sometime and went for the checkup. ppl said drinking Manuka honey can help so i bought it prayers for Brendan tonite..

Mommy said...

cheer up sharon. you're a good mommy, and i'm confident you know what to do. just think positively always ok?
-pek imm

ilovepearly said...

Kids grow up so fast....

Baby Smooches said...

Thank you so much for your lovely wishes... I'm sure Brendan would be so happy to know this :-)

Pek Imm, your positive encouragement is a boost to me.

Wen, I'm really afraid that it would be asthma cos I had mild bronchitis as a child and it was a bad experience. My maternal grandpa had it too and it's in the genes. Thanks for your prayers..

Wen said...

sharon, do let us know how is Brendan's condition.. is he better.. i am a bit worried coz u mentioned that his lips turned a bit blue.. u brought him to specialist edi?
is it in the genes? but it is also due to the stupid weather la.. and its so polluted..

Baby Smooches said...

Wen, you're really kind. I read about such condition before. Not sure whether it's the same, but it stated that there are kids who exert himself and face bluish lips and fingers. For Brendan, the moment he stops, it goes away. He doesn't feel pain or anything, so I know it's not serious.

The doctor didn't give any threatening ideas, but we'll all keep continuing to monitor.

So far, no diagnosis at all.

Anggie's journel said...

Happy belated birthday to Brendan.
Sory..i m late :)

MamaJo said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brendan!! I think the cough must be due to weather lately (keep raining)....try prevent him from taking any fruit at all(maybe, could help?)

Fantastic4 said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

My girl has been coughing non-stop for days, until she has no voice left and her throat went sore. The paed diagnosed her asthma and prescribed her to blow the nebulizer for 1+ week. After 1+ week, she has stopped coughing and her appetite increased (stopped vomit over meals).

Back in Msia, she used to cough too, until she vomited quite frequently. But non of her paeds diagnosed her asthma. But in the US, all the paeds said she is asthmatic. At first, I refused to believe. I only accept this fact last few weeks ago and allow her the asthma treatment. Now I realized how wrong the Msia paeds were.

She had her asthma attacks every year, which later usually turned into pneumonia in US if not taken seriously.

Friends gave me this piece of advise.
1. avoid cows-milk and dairy products
2. avoid chicken
3. avoid eggs
4. eat more veggies
5. reduce meat
6. steam instead of fry
7. cod liver oil

Hope Bredan would recover soon. I too pray for him over here.


Baby Smooches said...

Dear JJ,

Am so glad to read your message. Deep down, I know I have to be careful of asthma in little Brendan as I had such symptoms when I was around 6. I avoid cold drinks and always kept warm.

Likewise, I'm doing that with Brendan now. Thanks for your advice. Really appreciate it very much.

Jessie Woo said...

Happy Belated Birthday !!


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