Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Food! Glorious Food!

I'm a food lover... I can eat and eat and eat... But lately, I've been cutting down on rice at night cos my tummy is getting flabby.

After I stop breastfeeding Eryn completely when she turned two, I notice my pants and skirts were getting a little tight at the waist. Dear hubby wasn't of any help... His friends complimented that I still look slim but he seems to take joy in highlighting on the spare tyre that I have!!

With weddings and buka puasa dinners and a recent house-warming party that I've been going for the past few weeks is really putting some pressure on my spare tyre! I'm not the type who goes on diet for 2 simple reasons... I get gastric when I'm very hungry and secondly, I love food!

Then , there's the open house on Raya day. Mind you, I've been cleaning the house and rushing here and there and yet that spare tyre just doesn't seem to get firm.

I need to exercise but first, I'll need to get my leg down from the bed on Sunday morning for the overdue jogging.


Wen said...

me too will gt gastric if diet and i love food too. but i followed this serving size food grp and i find that it helps a bit. u may try

MamaJo said...

yeap, you need some exercise...go and buy exercise equipment, while you get yourself fit again, and in meantime, get tax reduce :P

Baby Smooches said...

Tried getting up from bed but it's sooo hard.... I'm just so lembik. Hubby says I'm the 'lazy bug'...


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