Friday, October 19, 2007

Tagged : 5 things

I seem to have done this before, but anyway, I got tag from Leoni and here are my stuffs :

5 things found in my room:-
* Queen-sized bed with pillows, big and small..
* Wardrobe
* 14-inch TV
* Some books
* a black and white wedding photo of hubby and me hanging on the wall

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:-
* Continue with my Latin Dancing classes
* Having a quiet and peaceful time to compose songs on my piano
* Painting pictures
* Knowing how to bake cookies and cakes and cook complicated dishes
* Travel around the world.

5 things found in my bag:-
* Purse
* Keys
* Handphone
* Notepad
* Thumbdrive

* 5 things found in my wallet:-
* Cash
* Credit Card
* IC
* Driving License
* Blood Group Card

5 things I’m currently into:-
* Freelancing for ntv7 on an golf event
* Looking at decos and furnitures for our new home.
* Reading books now that I have more time on my own
* Adapting to working on my own and managing my personal time

5 beautiful mummies/women to tag:-
* Don't think I'll be tagging anyone this time :-)

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