Monday, October 22, 2007

*Ring Ring*

When I read Jess' stating that Lyon has been calling me, I realise that this has been happening to me as well.

Sometimes, I get missed calls from home and sometimes, Brendan will just call to say "hello" and "bye" and he'll repeat the process again and again until I have to scold him! Imagine that you are in a meeting and he keeps calling and calling just for the fun of it.

I am happy that Brendan knows how to call mummy, but the timing can just be not so right! I do wonder whether he really knows how to dial my number or maybe he just press the redial number. Initially, I knew that he dialled the redial number, but recently, I noticed that there were no calls from home prior that.

I tried to test him to dial the number in front of me and he says he doesn't know. So, how did he dial my number?


Wen said...

mayb poh poh or nanny helpe him to dial??

MamaJo said...

ha,ha...luckily, Jona not that smart....otherwise, sure my phone bill will goes up...usually, my mum or Daddy will dial for him if he want to say hello to me.

Baby Smooches said...

don't think poh poh helped him cos she happened to be busy cooking at that time. I suspect it could be the redial button. hmm....

mom2ashley said...

mmm..hey kids are smarter than you think you know...:P so smart till they can outsmart us!


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