Monday, March 15, 2010

Berjaya Hills

It's Brendan's official first school term break. We have no plans to go anywhere since hubby is away for one whole week in Germany.

However, we went up to Berjaya Hills (previously known as Bukit Tinggi) on Saturday evening, reaching there at almost 5pm, and came back the next morning as hubby had to rest and then pack to leave to the airport on the same night. It's a short getaway, but nevertheless, a fun trip for the kids.

For the kids, most outing, no matter how boring for us adults, would always be fun for the kids. There's nothing much to do there and we managed to take only 2 hours to walk around Colmar Tropicale and to the Japanese Tea Garden. There's some games stall, a kids play area, some restaurants, a tower for the full view of the Colmar Tropicale area and a nice pond with two white swans and two black swans. The kids enjoyed watching the swans very much.

I love the serenity at the Japanese Garden. We could hear plenty of birds and there were lots of bird-watchers and professional photographers up there, at 3,500 feet above sea level, trying to catch a glimpse and get a good photography shot of the birds there. It was 20 minutes to closing time. We had to quickly climb up the very steep hill just to see the Japanese Garden. We took a quick 20 minutes walk and after that, as we were halfway down the hill to the car park, it began to pour!! The rain just came so suddenly that we got ourselves wet.

We took a drive down to Kampung Bukit Tinggi for dinner. The claypot fish was our favourite. Hubby loves it so much that he's already planning for another trip with a few friends just to go there to eat and enjoy the fresh air.

A super-short getaway, but a fun and nice one.


Alice Law said...

LOL! Are your kids learning martial arts?! It seems most possing were snapped in "kung fu" posts (very nice pictures indeeed)! ^-^

I wish my kids grow up like yours, so that we can venture together anytime without waiting for my husband (He also travels quite a lot)!

Martini said...

Look like they enjoy it very much!

chanelwong said...

Both kids very good in posing...all nice n natural posts...

Babysmooches said...

haha Alice. Eryn is more of a poser, Brendan just follows. I intend to send them for classes next time when they're much older. Martini, they enjoy anywhere apart from home :P
Chanel, thanks, cheeky poses..

Jane Kuan said...

What a nice parenting blog. Drop by to say hello. You are welcome to visit my home

Jane Kuan said...

What a nice parenting blog. Drop by to say hello. You are welcome to visit my home

wen said...

a lot of kungfu panda moves!!


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