Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brendan and value of money

DH and I don't believe in pampering our kids too much especially when it comes to toys. DH's friends gave us a lot of lego sets and lots of little cars as their sons have all grown up. Brendan loves playing with those toys and masak-masak with his little sister as well. Eryn is comfortable playing those little boy's toys with Brendan, but mostly love dressing up her Barbie doll, also a hand-me-down, or playing house with another baby doll.

Last night, I saw Brendan staring and looking at a tiny lego brochure and started asking me what are those toys for and the difficult pronounciation of the names of some of those toys. After a while, this is how the conversation goes ;

Mummy : Brendan, which one is your favourite in this brochure?
Brendan : Hmm..... I think this one.
Mummy : Ok, what if mummy buy one of this for you?
Brendan : It's ok, I don't want one.
Mummy : Well, I can buy you a small one, but you must take good care of it.
Brendan : No, lah... Don't want lah, I scared afterwards you got not enough money to use.

Well, I'm stunned. I wonder where did he get that kind of idea?

Another scenario in Toys R Us ;

Eryn : Mummy, I like Toys R Us, they have so many toys. Can we stay here longer? I like this one, mummy.
Mummy : Oh! This is so expensive! You all can see but don't ask me to buy. I'll get what I want to get for you all.
Brendan : Mei-Mei, don't simply buy lah. All these toys very expensive one. Afterwards you spoil it then wasted only. We go home and play cars and masak-masak k?
Eryn : I don't want!! I don't want!! I want to stay here longer!!
Brendan : Come lah mei-mei. Mummy wants to go to work already lah. We stay here so long already.

And another scenario;

Brendan : Mummy, how much is a car? I got a lot of money here. RM10 enough or not? Your car so old already lah, I buy for you ok?
Mummy : haha... RM10 only? Where got enough? You need a lot a lot of money.
Brendan : How many zeroes you need?
Mummy : At least 4 zeroes. Maybe one 8, and 4 zeroes.
Brendan : Which is more expensive? Car or house? I buy a house leh?
Mummy : House even more expensive. You need 5 zeroes.
Brendan : But house no need to pump petrol. It should be cheaper.

Sigh! That's my boy and his occasional money talk. Kind of reminds me of my brother when he was young.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Your son really know how to take care of your money. He will become a good finance person!

I too send the kids to ToysRus to play with the toys there but no buying. ;)

chanelwong said...

He is sooo sweet...such a nice and understanding boy...

Babysmooches said...

Michelle, he hasn't really grasp the real value yet, but I'm surprised he can say such things though.
Chanel, well, you haven't seen the mischevious part of him yet! hehe

Alice Law said...

LOL! Your boy is so thoughtful, a very sweet little man indeed! I'm sure you are very proud of him!!

zmm said...

Such a good boy he is...

Mine only knows how to ask us to buy things.... I have to tell her if she buys some more, we'll have to sell our house to pay for those things. :P

Babysmooches said...

Alice, he made me wanna cry that day ^-^
Agnes, I reason out and explain to Brendan why we don't have to buy certain things. Somehow, he got it there, but not all the time :P

jazzmint said...

hahaha he's so funny. Future accountant eh

Anonymous said...

You are lucky. He is such a good boy!

Mummy to QiQi said...

sharon, obviously u have trained your children so well :)


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