Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a baby and her sixth sense

5 years back, my article appeared in The Star papers about Babies and Sixth Sense. Click HERE for the link. Once again, this prove to be amazing!

One morning last week, my brother woke up with excruciating pain and was not able to move. He was so lucky that his SIL was at his house. She immediately called her sister, my brother's wife, to come home and they both sent him to the hospital. He had a slip disc and an urgent surgery was needed and was scheduled in the evening at 6pm.

My mum called to inform that an interesting day had happened. My mum is currently babysitting my niece (my brother's 4 months old baby) and the poor little baby, more than 100km away from daddy, was feeling uptight and crying. At 6pm when the surgery was doing on, my little niece started crying and crying and behaving wierdly, as though she knew something was going on. She's only 4 months old, and she could sense something was happening to her daddy more than 100km away.

My mum had to pacify her and calm her down. 3 hours after the surgery, my brother was safely out of the operation theater. That's when my mum talked to my niece and explained that her daddy is out of the operation.

By God's grace, everything went well, and the funny thing after my mum spoke to my 4 months old niece, she immediately calmed down and went to sleep.

Wierd but amazing!


Alice Law said...

These are my own experiences:

When my girl was born, she had a very bad "jet lag" for a month, which she failed to sleep at night and almost cried through the whole night... but it was 1 night that she slept through soundly, the night that I had "confinement blue" and felt sick... as she knew mama was unwell that she had to keep quiet and musn't disturb me.

After fullmoon, again she never sleep through the night(not until she was 1 y.o), which at night she woke up few times for milk (I breastfed her)or whined for no particular reason... except for the special 2 nights she "did it" again! When she was 5 m.o I had a terrible fever; and when my beloved dog passed away when she was 9 m.o, which I was sobbing the whole night through...

Some people might thought it's simply coincident, but to me and my husband... it's baby's 6th sense!

mom2ashleyaidan said...

wow, that's amazing. I never experienced this with my kids though.

Babysmooches said...

Alice, yes, it's wierd how they behave is certain situation isn't it?
Dinah, I believe they have, just that it wasn't that obvious probably.

Liara Covert said...

I can totally relate. Babies remind us that we all have a sixth sense or what you may call divine intuition. As we choose to trust more, it is no longer amazing but perfectly normal to notice these things.


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