Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kluang Rail Coffee

Brendan loves kaya. In our recent trip back to Kluang, we took the kids to the Kluang railway station one of the morning to have breakfast as well as to take the kids to see the train.
The kids have eaten a hearty breakfast at kong-kong and poh-poh's place but wanted to tag along to see the KTM train. We ended up ordering toast buns after toast buns as Brendan and Eryn loved them so much and ate two toast buns each!!

Hubby and I settled for the usual nasi lemak, 'kopi' (coffee), half boiled eggs and toast buns.


Anggie's Journal said...

oh, this is the kluang coffee shop ya !!! William told me b4 too...

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your parents are just like mine. My dad will cook us nice dishes for lunch and dinner while my mum will make kaya, bake cakes and bread each time I go back to my hometown. What a wonderful gift that is from God to us eh?


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