Saturday, October 25, 2008

'Health attack'

What? Melamine in 17 biscuit products in Malaysia?! What's next?

Oh well, no wonder health problems are growing at an alarming rate. With pollution, processed food, unhealthy lifestyles, work stress, superficial diets, chemicals in our bodies and all, how can a person not face with health problems?

I know of many women who have problem conceiving due to the food they eat and their lifestyle. I know of a young woman who contracted lung cancer even though she doesn't smoke. I know kids with health problems. I believe all of us know of someone who has serious health problem in one way or another.

Based on some information I gathered sometime last year, I found the following :
  • medical inflation is rising at 15% per annum
  • the 3 giant killers are - cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • 1 in 3 Malaysians age 30 and above suffer from hypertension!
  • Only 6 out of 100 peple have their blood pressure under control
  • 10,000 deaths a year linked to stroke, heart attack and kidney failure
  • 6,000 deaths a year due to heart disease
  • 3 million have high cholesterol, which lead to the above stroke, heart problem, etc.
  • 25% of malaysian are overweight, and for obesity, we're no. 1 in Asia.

The numbers might vary, but the truth is that most people are pretyt much ignorant about all these. We know the importance, but do we really take heed?

Yikes! .... and I'm going for a Raya open house tonight, makan session tomorrow, Deepavali open house on Monday and dinner on Monday night... Time to exercise...... zzzzzz


mybabybay said...

Which 17?

Babysmooches said...

found on this website :

1. Julie's Golden Kaka Crackers
2. Julie's Wheat Crackers
3. Julie's Cottage Crackers (Vegetable Yeast Cracker)
4. Julie's Cottage Crackers (Original Yeast Cracker)
5. Julie's Chez Creamy Cheese Sandwich
6. Julie's Sugar Crackers (extra flaky)
7. Julie's Waferico Chocolate Coated Wafers with Chocolate Cream Filling
8. Julie's Cream Crackers
9. Julie's Minico Rich Chocolate Chip Cookies
10. Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich
11. Julie's Cocoro Crispy Chocolate Wafer Rolls with Vanilla Filling
12. Julie's Le-Mond Puff Sandwich with Lemon Flavoured Cream
13. Khong Guan Assorted Biscuits
14. Khian Guan Biscuit Osborne
15. Leo Gold Finger Choco
16. Santa Chocolate Gold Fingers
17. Swan Chocolate Fingers


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