Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eryn's visit to the dentist

Approximately two months ago, Eryn was jumping on the bed and and chipped off a small part of her tooth. I wrote about it here.

About one month ago, she had been complaining that her tooth is pain, each time she tries to bite on something hard. It frustrates her a lot when she can't bite into a a biscuit or a piece of hard chocolate, or a chicken drumstick.

Later, we noticed that the chipped tooth was slowly turning a darker colour. We decided to bring her to the dentist for the first time. She was very brave about it cos she says that she wants to look like a princess with nice teeth.

We took her to our family dentist which I've been going to as a little child. Dr Chin told us that her tooth is quite 'dead', thus the change in colour. He also told us that it shouldn't pose any problem. The pain was probably caused by biting on a hard food or probably the fact that infection could have set in.

Today, we took her to another dentist here as we notice that the gum above that tooth is bulging. The doctor told us the same thing - that the tooth is dead. He doesn't advise us to remove it as this may cause problem for the new tooth to grow when it comes out in about 3-4 years' time. As other teeth are growing, this may affect the gap in-between and provide limited space to the new tooth.

About two weeks back, she accidently bit on something hard with her chipped tooth and the next morning, the gum above the tooth was so swollen that her whole lips swell as well. She didn't feel any pain on her tooth and even had the cheek to joke with us, saying "My lips got a lot of meat". We all laughed at her remark as she didn't know the reason for the swelling. By night, the swelling was totally gone.

Lately, she's not been complaining of any pain. I can only pray that we do not have to bring her to a paediatric dentist for root canalling to maintain her tooth till it reaches maturity in 3-4 years' time.

Oh, my poor little girl.


mybabybay said...

Ouch, it must be painful for her. You can try bonjela for the gum swelling to ease the pain. Let's hope the dentist can do something on her bad tooth.

wen said...

she's very brave. hope it can last till her new tooth comes out

Anonymous said...

poor lil girl! hope the dead tooth won't cause much trouble to her.

btw I don't think the dentist will do root canal treatment to a milk tooth.

Babysmooches said...

Michelle, thks for the thought. I didn't think about Bonjela, but luckily she doesn't feel the pain anymore.

Wen, oh yes she is indeed a brave girl. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her tooth will turn out fine after all.

Martini, i just found out today that root canal is not suitable at all. sigh, I feel worried for her, all over one single tooth.

Wonderful Life said...

She's really a brave girl!! Even myself is afraid of going to the dentist! *shame on me :P


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