Friday, December 23, 2005

Mummy work there...

This morning, my son saw my name tag and access card and pointed to it and say "mummy work there".

Brendan recognises my company logo a few months back and I believe credance should go to his grandma or daddy (despite them denying teaching my son that) cos I've never tell him where I work in. Whenever he sees my company's logo in the newspaper, he'll go "mummy work there". He sees it on the paper bag, he'll go "mummy work there". Whenever he sees the logo on a car or in a banner, or on a t-shirt, or in a magazine, or paperbag, or anywhere else, he'll go "mummy work there".

Each time he says it, I'll be patient and reply "smart boy! Yes, mummy work in this company" and smile.

This morning, it was a different story. With low morale, and straight face, I told Brendan "Yes, mummy work here, but mummy might not be working in this company in the future". I then went to work with tears swelling in my eyes.

For those who know of the
vss announcement, I was asked to stay on to serve the company. I wrote in an appeal but was rejected. For certain reasons, my morale has been very low, I'm demotivated and gloomy. 3 days ago, I've rejected a high pay job to give myself a chance to serve the company, but in a different environment now.

I've loved my job and my company all these while. The last day for my colleagues who got the vss is today. I'll be having 2 farewell parties today. The place has been very nostalgic for me. I thought everything should be ok until Brendan had to point out to me and made me aware of the presence and facts of what's happening.

The sentence "mummy work there" lies lingering in my head the whole morning...


Tracy said...

Goodness. Can understand how upset u must be these days. Don't worry, I'm sure u'll have better days ahead.

Baby Smooches said...

Well, tracy, am taking it a day at a time actually and hoping things look better ahead.

HMom said...

Sharon, do not worry too much. No matter where you go, I am sure you will do very well as you have the dedication and determination. You have always been a very valuable employee and people do notice that! We have been through tough times before and have always overcome it!


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