Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Eryn - simply pictures 2

My little gal, now 6 and a half months old....


niddlesriddles said...

hey shez reallllly cute!!
lottsa love n hugs to her!!
:D tak care n keep smiling :D
have a great day!
came here just randomly by clikin on next blog - but cudn't resist myselfy when saw ur babies pics! shez really cute! :D best wishes to u n ur family!

Adrian & Alvan said...

She such a vy cute and sweet baby!

Zara's Mama said...

cute cute!

Baby Smooches said...

nidhi - thanks a bunch. *kiss kiss from Eryn*

rachel - *kiss kiss to you too*

zara's mama - xie xie! *more kisses to throw*

HMom said...

Hey sharon, this cute little baby has really grown! How time flies!

A million kisses to her!

Baby Smooches said...

hmom, thanks for the kisses... hopefully she can be as gung ho as Harvynna, then they can both play together..


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