Wednesday, December 7, 2005

huh? who? what? where? tagged?!!

Haiyo! I've been busy for the past whole week that I've no time to read any blogs, whatmore penning down one!

Mana tau, the
first blog I read today made me realised that I kena tagged!

So, I'm supposed list down my 5 childhood memories of food. Kena korek deep into my long-forgotten memories. Hmm....

1. Ice-cream potong from the ice-cream seller on bicycle

This guy is still around, but I can see that's he's aged so much and his cycling is much slower. We seldom get ice-cream as a treat but whenever we do, my siblings and I will rushed to the gate and shout "ice-cream!! ice-cream!!" and the ice-cream guy will come peddling to our house. We'll always ask for the ice-cream potong sandwiched between two wafer biscuits. This is still very much available, but nothing beats the traditional way.

2. Mum's apple pie

My mum used to make cookies, cakes and pies for us. Making apple pie was quite a chore for her, so she doesn't make that often. I loved mum's apple pie and have asked her to make it for us, but she's getting quite tired making those kind of stuffs for us. These past few years, she's only making cookies prior to CNY and that's it. Mum, pleaseeeee make me an apple pie.... pretty please.....

3. Soft-boiled kampung eggs

Nothing beats nicely soft-boiled eggs DIY at home. The eggs are exceptionally good and healhty. We used to get our supply from my late grandma, who used to rear lots and lots of chickens and ducks. After she passed away, we get our supply mostly from the kampung near where we stay. Nowadays, the chickens are either not laying enough eggs or there's not enough chickens. Hmm.... which comes first? chicken? egg? chicken? egg?

4. Kluang Botak curry mee.

Always one of my favourite. The curry mee uncle is botak, thus the name "Botak curry me". His curry is just so perfect. There's lots of ingredients added to the curry mee as well and the cockles make it so yummy! Oh! and that extremely nicely blended dry chilli which accompany the curry mee makes it so perfect. He has now opened his stall somewhere else and the old place is now managed by his very own son. My hubby never fails to eat it whenever he goes back to my hometown. yummy! yummy! slurp!!

5. Kluang railway station toasted buns.

This always have a place in my heart. I've never ever in my life tasted any buns more perfect that this. As a young girl, I love going to the railway station in hometown (yes, the famous Kluang railway station) for the coffee, nasi lemak and the toasted buns!! Yes, toasted buns were always a must for me. The thick piece of butter together with a very generous serving of kaya in the soft buns is really to die for. The kaya is home-made and the butter creamy and hard, which will slowly melt in the buns. Every bite is simply delicious! Tried making it on my own but the original Kluang railway station soft toasted buns are still the best!

I could list down more, but it's time to move on to the MEME tagging instructions.

I'm to list down the last 5 (including myself) who have been tagged :

So, I'm tagging :
Louise (you'll love this!) :)


Zara's Mama said...

Hee hee, you kena also?

Kluang Station, on w/end we went to the one in 1U. Not bad la the toasted bread, but damn expensive.

They are not from Kluang the bread, but from some european bread maker..

Next time if go to Kluang will try the one there..

jazzmint said... no i didn't see that I kena tag *eyes closed* :P

geetha said...

i love it too! every time we go back to Kluang (relative there), the Kluang train station is a must. We will make sure the host doesn't prepare the breakfast, so that we can go to the station for the breakfast.

Queue also, queue lah. Go back once in a while, so never mind... and sure by back the kaya for those back home...

i didn't know it was this famous, sampai can masuk blog! hahahha. wonder if they know.

Lazymama said...

Like Jazzmint....I am double eyes closed!

HMom said...

Burp! Hey, I just learnt how to blog and you tag me! Better give me free tuition on blogging with one cheesecake! Your Kluang toasted bread sounds really yummy! Dont forget to bring me some the next time you go back to Kluang

Baby Smooches said...

Zara's mama, kena shot so must shoot back. didn't even want to be bothered but since I'm in the mood today, give face lor.

Jazz, *my ears closed* hehe.

Geetha, I used to have a classmate called Geetha and am wondering if you're the one!

Jefferene, *double ears closed*:)

Hmom, haiya, you should be honored that I gave you a tag instead of a cheesecake. You won't put more calories with a tag.

Chief said...

wah, you know we so busy also kena tag ar. will blog later ok


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