Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eryn's tooth chipped.

At home, I'm always telling the kids not to jump here and there, not to do this and that, and it's only natural that I do so. Sometimes, it maybe due to my mood, but most of the time, it's a mother's instinct to tell her children not to endanger themselves.

The children tend to listen more to their daddy as daddy will not hesitate to hit them real hard that will send chills to their spine. However, I can be screaming my head off, give a smack and 'nagging' the kids non-stop and yet they can still laugh and continue with their little business of being active little children. (bully mummy eh?)

Most of the time, I'll leave daddy to put the kids to sleep after brushing their teeth cos somehow, they get it done faster with daddy around. However, when hubby is not around, I have to be the one doing it, and I go crazy doing it. The kids tend to take me for granted!

Two nights ago, hubby wasn't back from his outstation trip, and so, I have to get the kids to brush their teeth. As usual, they'll be laughing and jumping and running while I'm calling them and reminding them to do what they are supposed to do. Eryn then fell and started crying hard.

That made me start screaming at them and 'nag' even more. "Very, good! Always don't want to listen to mummy!..... Tell you not to jump you want to jump!.... I've said it many times, and yet you do not want to listen....blah... blahh... blahh..." Then, I dragged Eryn to the bathroom to brush her tooth for her and noticed slight bleeding in her gums.

I then saw that one of her front tooth was chipped! More like broken, to be exact. I tried to find the missing piece, but I guess she could have swallowed it.

Really makes me go crazy sometimes.... Eryn's only 3, which means, her two front teeth won't be dropping out any time soon, until she's 5 or 6. So, she'll have to be in her new look at least for the next 2-3 years.

Sigh! Want to be patient also cannot... Tell me, what are your experiences and incidents you have to face, dear parents? Sigh!


sue said...

Yup, I always tell them dont jump on the bed, dont hit so hard, dont this, dont that... they must be wondering how come mummy always cannot and always screaming at them (tension edi then will start screaming)... sigh, hope they dont hate me for it...

slavemom said...

Same thing over here - hv to keep reminding them not to do this n that. My experiences - chipped tooth, a cut on the knee, bruised leg, bleeding lips, etc.
As for Eryn's chipped tooth, depending on the severity, u may want to bring her to the dentist for a chk, just to make sure she din hurt the veins or something, which may affect the growth of her permanent tooth.

MamaJo said...

Tell me about it.....Isaac got several scar on his face ler.....which I keep applying Vit E to make it less visible....and Jona got 'dead' tooth too..due to falling....aiyoohh...never ending stories lor

The writer said...

driving me nuts really, with all their antics!
she's ok now, just that gap inbetween her teeth makes her look quite funny.

Alicia said...

at least u noe wat happen to her chipped tooth... both my kids oso have chipped tooth but i have no idea wat happen n wen it happen. as far as i know many mths back my girl's front tooth oredi chipped


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