Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sarawak trip (part 2)

Day two of our vacation, was basically a visit to the Sarawak Cultural Village and some of the attractions in Kuching town.

After breakfast, we headed to the
Sarawak Cultural Village which was just approximately 10 minutes walk away from our resort. The village highlights the main selected ethnic groups of Sarawak and shows the richness in the many authentic heritage and tribal histories that shines through the various racial groups existing in Sarawak today.

I personally found the
Sarawak Cultural Village to be an interesting eye-opener. I shall highlight more of that in my next post as I found that the Sarawak Cultural Village to be just simply enchanting.

The tour around took started with a visit to the local Satok market, Cat Museum, then the Pavilion, a handicraft shop, the pottery centre and finally to the Sarawak Museum. It coincides with the Sarawak Regatta event, but due to time constraint, we didn't had the chance to go to the riverfront.

The kids enjoyed the Cat Museum and the Sarawak Museum which is deemed to be the third best museum in the South-East Asia region.

The Sarawak Museum was something the whole family enjoyed. The kids were more into the animal, fish and boat displays, while daddy was all over the place and mummy here was paying attention to every other thing like to artifacts, the ethnic and cultural display, the photos and others.

The Cat Museum was basically filled with cats - more than 4,000 of them in pictures, statues, displays, etc.. Brendan and Eryn just went meowing around the museum, amazed by the big cat statues there.

Other than that, we enjoyed shopping for a few items - the famous pepper, some smaller souvenir items and my very long-awaited pure teak wood (kayu jati) mat. When I first saw the teak wood mat at a friend's house last month, I was so interested in it and asked where she got it from. When she told me she bought it in Sarawak 5 years back, I made up my mind to get one when we get to Sarawak. There were many other crafted potteries and display items that both hubby and I wanted to get. However, it was quite a handful carrying the huge mat and other stuffs. So, we got the contact of the shopowner in case we would like to order items directly from the shop to be mailed over to KL.

The second night wasn't a good night sleep for me as Eryn was suspected to have a mild food poisoning. She vomitted on the bed 5-6 times throughout the night and had mild fever. Over breakfast, we heard that a few others had the same symptoms as well. We gave her fever medicine and she was up and about again but wasn't having any appetite to eat at all.

Otherwise, everything would turn out perfectly well.

Here we have, right in Malaysia, an exotic and beautiful place which I believe a lot of my friends have not visited before. I have visited Phuket and Bali but never stepped foot in East Malaysia. A Sarawakian friend once said to me that I should take the initiative to visit Sarawak and I will be surprised at the many offerings that Sarawak has. How true is it when I finally had the chance to be there.

I would definitely encourage friends, esp. Malaysian friends, who has visited many other countries to visit Sarawak. Do divert your next holiday destination to Sarawak if you've not been there.

Hubby and I plan to visit Sabah and other parts of Sarawak like Miri in our future holidays when the kids are much more grown up.

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